Browse 55mm Filters by Popular Effects

As you might imagine, there are several different types of filters available. These span every conceivable effect from colourful light correction to starbursts, soft focus and even aids to focusing. The following list covers the most popular choices, with a brief overview of what each can do for you. See our Lens Filter Buying Guide for a comprehensive overview.

55mm ND Filters »

Neutral Density filters are designed to reduce the amount of light entering the lens during an exposure. This enables longer shutters without over-exposing your image.

55mm Protector Filters »

A protector filter simply guards the front lens element against the outside world - be it dust, scratches, moisture or debris that could otherwise damage your camera lens.

55mm Polariser Filters »

Polariser filters reduce/eliminate reflections from the surface of water, glass and polished surfaces, as well as darken skies, saturate colour and make clouds stand out in the sky.

55mm UV Filters »

Ultra-violet filters are used to block UV light from entering your lens and hitting the sensor. They also will also protect your front lens element from scratches, debris and moisture.