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AquaTech SS-600 Sport Shield - Camouflage

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Come prepared to do your best work knowing that your equipment is protected against salt, wind, rain, now, dust, smoke or anything else man and nature can throw at you. The Aquatech Professional Sport Shield range will cover most SLR film & digital camera and lens combinations.

To fit:
CANON - 600mm f4 IS, 500mm f4 IS, 400 f2.8 IS.
NIKON - 400mm f2.8 AF-S II, 500mm f4 AF-S II, 600mm f4 AF-S, 600mm f4 AF-S II
And cameras of similar dimensions.

Designed by Professionals
AquaTech Sport Shields have been designed by professional photographers and are engineered to work for you in those tight situations. Easy to pull on or off with every window, seal and pull cord adjustment just in the right place to keep you focused. You also have the option to use flash when using the SS-Flash accessory.

No matter how wet the going, no moisture can penetrate through the outer layer. AquaTech have selected a fabric using the latest barrier fabric technology. All seams are either welded or tape sealed and each Sport Shield is factory tested for water penetration.

The more active you become, the more heat and moisture your body produces. Breatable construction ensures that you stay dry and comfortable when you're active, and that there's no perspiration buildup, keeping your hands and your equipment dry.

Outdoor photography is hard on the body and hard on equipment so Aquatech have made their SportShields really tough. The fabric has an inside and outside fabric layer which sandwiches and protects the vital waterproof barrier.

Technical Overview

  • Made of high quality 3-ply waterproof, breathable fabric
  • Full tape seam sealed
  • Waterproof silicone sealing around view windows
  • Sturdy moulded weatherproof zippers for ease of application and removal
  • Watertight seal around lens front
  • One piece design provides complete enclosure and moisture protection for both the camera body and lens with a 'glove fit'
  • Designed with a waterproof sleeve to safely and easily access and operate camera controls
  • Custom eyepiece fastener
  • Draw strings on hand access and tripod sleeve for protection when not in use
  • Waterproof view windows to monitor camera functions
  • Designed to quickly and easily apply and remove
  • Eyepiece cover flap to protect viewfinder when not in use
  • Flash accessory available for use with the SS-200 / SS-Zoom and SS-300 units
  • Will accomodate other manufacturers lenses of similar length and diameter

Not designed to be fully immersed or submerged in water.
Notes on Specification - 'Length' equates to length of lens sleeve from camera mount to end of neoprene seal, 'Depth' equates to the diameter of the neoprene lens sleeve opening. Sizes are approximate.

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Product Specification

Colour Camouflage
Material Fabric
Size (mm) 580 x 200 mm
Manufacturer Link AquaTech
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