Baader Morpheus 6.5mm Eyepiece
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Baader Morpheus 6.5mm Eyepiece

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These Baader Morpheus eyepieces provide the viewer with a 76° wide field of view which is sharp and clear across the full breadth of the image. The eyepieces feature a long eye relief and silicon-rubber eyecups, ensuring they are comfortable to use, even when wearing glasses. Built to be as compact and light as possible, Baader Morpheus eyepieces are particularly well-suited to bino-viewing.

Baader Morpheus Eyepieces:

Optical Features

Full Field Sharpness: The sharp flat 76° field is unsurpassed by any other modern wide field eyepiece. On-axis sharpness and contrast rivals our best planetary eyepieces, while delivering nearly equivalent performance over the full field. Stars remain diamond pinpoints as you move away from centre, and the field remains flat and in focus, even in short focus telescopes.

Long Eye Relief: Morpheus pushes the envelope of comfortable wide field viewing further than ever before, delivering close to 20mm of eye relief along with best-in-class optical performance. Eyeglass wearers can comfortably take in the full field, and users of Binoviewers will find that Morpheus make the ultimate eyepieces for viewing with two eyes.

Low Distortion: The Morpheus optical design delivers exceedingly low distortion (angular magnification distortion). Planets and lunar features retain their shapes as they transit the field and the true field sizes are close to theoretical. Many companies exaggerate at this point and deliberately use off axis distortion magnification as a means to advertise blown ‘apparent’ field sizes . You will be able to compare this given field size of 76° and find it to be the true value, calculated from the apparent field size and focal length.

Immersive Views: As avid observers ourselves, we have studied the behaviours of most commonly available wide field eyepieces and listened to other observers comments on what eyepieces give the most palpable and engaging wide field viewing experience. What we found is that the subjective ‘spacewalk’ feeling is not just a function of field of view. Interestingly, some wide-field eyepieces with fields of 82 degrees failed to deliver the same viewing experience as others with similar fields, or even some with smaller fields. We found two additional primary factors played into the equation – Eye Relief (and the related large eye lens size) and Ease of Viewing (a combination of long eye relief and control of pupil aberrations). We also found that fields much below 74 degrees tended to have a reduced effect. So, with this information in hand, we set out to design a new eyepiece with a field of view greater than 74° that met all of the other optical parameters necessary to deliver a truly ‘immersive’ viewing experience where the eyepiece essentially disappears. The result is Morpheus.

Phantom Coating Group: Pioneered in the Hyperion line-up, the Phantom Group Multi-coatings have been further optimised for use in the Morpheus and index-matched to each of the different glasses.

Optimised Internal Baffling: As with all Baader Planetarium eyepieces, the internal mechanicals have been fully ray-traced and baffled to eliminate the effects of stray-light.

Mechanical Features

Optimised for Binoviewing: Every last bit of space has been squeezed out of the main body to minimise its size, giving maximum nose clearance for binoviewing.

Weight reduction: Every effort has been made to eliminate unnecessary weight - especially in view of effective binoviewing. The weight of all Morpheus-eyepieces essentially are the lenses inside plus the best protection and water resistance we can supply.

Foldable Eyecups: The Morpheus include two soft rubber dual-position foldable eyeguards (see images below). These innovative new eyeguards have been developed to provide the optimal comfort and eye spacing for most users and eye glass wearers. The included special winged version provides the ultimate comfort and exclusion of stray light necessary for binoviewing with eyeglasses.

Safety Features: The 1¼" and 2" Barrels of each Morpheus incorporate our new Slip-Protect Safety Kerfs. The ideal safety compromise between smooth barrels and wide undercuts. The numerous shallow kerfs give additional grip and security from inadvertent drops from smooth sided barrels, without the annoying problems sometimes caused by traditional wide undercuts. Wide waffle-patterned rubber grip ring gives an extra measure of handling security.

Photo-Video Adaptation:Like their Hyperion siblings, all Morpheus eyepieces make superb imaging projection optics. Each Morpheus includes a hidden M43 photo-video eye lens thread that permits use of our extensive range of Hyperion Digital T-Rings. These rings permit direct-thread attachment of practically any imaging device for the ultimate in rigidity and close-coupling for minimal vignetting.

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Product Specification

Eyepiece Barrel Dual fit
Focal Length 6,5
For use with Any 1.25 or 2 Inch eyepiece holder
Included Accessories Foldable eyecup, Winged/foldable eyecup for binoviewing, Storage-box, Three dustcaps and Cordura eyepiece holster
Type Wide Field Eyepiece
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Product Code: 1583707-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 2954206