Benro Master 150x150mm Glass ND 6-stop
Product Code: 1687619

Benro Master 150x150mm Glass ND 6-stop

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Solid Neutral Density filters are designed to allow for longer exposures in any conditions, but particularly in bright light. Colours become more saturated and details become richer. Running water (waterfalls, ocean tides) becomes smooth and misty as light information is written over and over during the exposure time. Clouds will soften and other moving objects will create blur, while static objects remain pin sharp.

HD – High Definition optical technology. Precisely ground optical glass ensures that surfaces are parallel, allowing the light entering the lens through the filter to do so in a straight line, maximizing image and light quality.

WMC – Waterproof Multi-layered Coating is applied to filter surfaces to create an ultra-smooth, anti-scratch finish. The clear coating will repel dirt and liquids and will also allow for quick easy cleaning of the filter surface.

ULCA – Ultra Low Chromatic Aberration coating prevents light reflection and improves light transmission, resulting in better quality images.

Anti-IR – This advanced coating technology blocks infra-red and ultra violet light, both of which can affect image quality negatively. IR and UV will normally be seen as a bluish or orange tone across your images.

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Product Specification

Series Benro Master
Size 150 x 150mm
effects Neutral Density
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Product Code: 1687619-wex Manufacturers Part Number: MAND641515