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Bowens Advanced Lighting Kit from Bowens


Bowens Accessory Kits

Since working with Wex Photographic, I came to realise just how difficult it is for photographers to choose the lighting accessories they need to help them create the effects they want.

I get so many emails and questions about what accessories people should buy and it's why my seminars have become so popular. It's because people can actually use and see a wide variety of accessories and find out exactly what they need. Many photographers still struggle with brollies and soft boxes perhaps not realising that there is a particular reflector, barn door combination available to do a better job.

There are just so many different types of reflectors, honeycombs and barn doors. It's not surprising that people get a little confused about what each one can do.

Earlier this year, I met up with my colleagues at the Bowens factory in Clacton, to see if there was a way of making their accessory range a little easier to understand.

I'm pleased to say that they were very keen to help and together we had the idea of putting together some accessory 'kits'. These kits would include all the bits and pieces necessary to create various effects all in one box.

We came up with four different kits, a Fashion/Beauty, Portrait, Advanced and an Effects lighting kit. Bowens did a lot of work on these accessory kits over the summer, designing the packaging and a new brochure including some great pictures by my friend Chris Reeve. The kits were finally released at this years Photokina exhibition in Cologne, Germany. They are now available here and for those of you who want to create high key, low key and other effects, you can simply choose the right kit for you.

Bowens Lighting Kits

Using the correct lighting accessories will not only make a better image, but will be easier and quicker to use. Plus for those of you setting up portrait studios, the accessory kits will give you the effect you want and look very professional as well.

Have a look at the four options on the web site and as usual if you have any questions about any of them, please drop me an email.

Steve Aves

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