Bowens Ringflash and Ringlite Converter

Bowens BW-1790 Front viewBowens BW-1790 Ringflash


Bowens Ringlite Converter BW-1790

The Bowens Ringlite Converter has an ‘S’ type fitting and will attach to any Bowens head as an accessory. So for those of you who have always wanted to use a Ringflash for those fashion shots, now you can at a very realistic price of around £300. I visited Bowens a couple of times last year to test a prototype. It was very even in coverage and had all the characteristics of the larger Ringflash. I was very impressed with the overall size and especially the performance. Bowens have made some minor changes to it since then, so I shall be very interested to run a test on one to see how it performs.

New Bowens Ringflash BW-7670

The new Bowens Ringflash is very different from their old model. It Features a modelling lamp system that makes it a lot easier to use. My colleague Chris Reeve did manage to borrow one to shoot with just before Christmas. Here are 4 images that he shot using the new Ringflash. He told me it was lighter in weight and very easy to operate, those modelling lamps being a real plus point. I think that you’ll agree the shots are superb and as usual, Chris keeps coming up with these great ideas, I don't know how he does it!

Bowens Ringflash Example Photo 1
Bowens Ringflash Example Photo 2
Bowens Ringflash Example Photo 3
Bowens Ringflash Example Photo 1
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