Interfit INT316 Pop-Up Light Tent Review

The pop-up light tent has become a must for every studio, it's perfect for shooting all kinds of small and sometimes difficult objects. Interfit has three models in their range, a 60cm a 90cm and 120cm square version. This 'pop up' construction is used for reflectors and backgrounds these days as well as light tents and makes them very light weight and easy to store when folded flat. I looked at the 90cm version, the middle size, which is surprisingly big once it's out of its bag.

Made from a translucent white material, it just springs into its cube shape when opened, the metal spring material holding it taught. One of the sides is used to shoot from and this whole side panel can be removed via its Velcro fixings. The panel has a slit about 35cm wide in the centre which is used for placing the camera. The panel can be put onto the cube either vertical or horizontal, depending on the subject. By placing the camera in this slit, it cuts down any reflection of the camera and photographer in the final picture! You don't always have to shoot that way of course, for some subjects the panel can be completely removed.

Interfit Pop-Up Light Tent

The Pop Up Light Tent available in 122cm, 90cm, and 60cm cubes

Lights can be placed very close to the sides of the cube to give an ambient very soft light source, ideal for some applications. I know people who shoot all sorts of things with light tents from silver and glass to small ceramic objects and one person I know shoots stuffed animals! The light tent can really make life easy when you have difficult items to photograph. The 90cm pop-up light tent is only around £70, excellent value and it won't break the bank at that price. When buying a light tent try to choose a model that 'fits' your biggest subject and a little tip from me to make them even more effective, put them on a glass or Perspex table so that you can light from underneath, great effect for shooting glass and ceramic.

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