Lens Trekker AW Series

Lens Trekker AW SeriesI use the Lens Trekker 600 to carry my 500mm lens in the UK or abroad. It lifts the weight of the lens from my back (I have a bad one) and the Deluxe Waistbelt supports my hipbone perfectly. All this makes for a very comfortable feeling and the ability to carry heavy gear a long way with the minimum of effort. I like the way that the rear compartment is designed to open outwards, which means quick access to the lens inside. There is also ample room surrounding the lens, which means that I can pack it for travel with extra clothes, or several Lowepro filmpacks. The sides of the Trekker have a good collection of sturdy attachment loops, which take all the Street and Field Accessory Packs. If you prefer these can be fitted to the belt, I however prefer to have them on the pack out of the way.


There are a couple of S&F accessories that I use a lot and that you might find very useful in the field.

Film Organiser AW

Film Organiser AWThe first is the Film Organiser AW, which I use to carry a flash, off-camera bracket and Kirk Teleflash Adaptor. In the outside zip pocket I generally carry a few tools like allen keys, a blower brush and a clean cloth. This pack fits perfectly onto the side of the Trekker and most other Lowepro rucksacks.

Film Drop AW

Film Drop AWThe second is the Film Drop AW, which has been a godsend during my old days using the Fuji stuff. I can quickly take a used film from the camera and push it into the film drop, confident that my precious pictures will now be protected against the elements. It has an integral AW cover and can fit onto any Lowepro rucksack, belt or pack.

Lowepro Mini Trekker

Lowepro Mini Trekker

Lowepro Mini TrekkerPeople are often surprised to see that I prefer to use a Mini trekker to carry my gear around. If I am not taking the big 500mm lens, then I can fit everything that I need for a days shoot in this handy little pack. It is always tempting to take too much gear, well using the mini-Trekker makes sure that you only take what you need. The Film Drop AW can fit on the side so this handy little pack is just the ticket for me.