Photokina - The Lastolite Stand: Studio and Speedlight products

Photokina is the world's biggest photographic and imaging trade show. It is being held in the Cologne Exhibition Centre, the K├Âlnmesse, from September 21st to the 26th, and a team from Wex Photographic have travelled to Germany to see what new and exciting products are being announced and on display at Photokina.

For the benefit of any of you that are interested in the Photokina happenings, but didn't want to travel to Germany, weren't able to go to Germany, or, like some of us, had to stay behind and work while your colleagues went to Germany, we will be updating you with all the latest goings-on via the WEX blog and Twitter. What's more, in an exciting new venture for WEX, we will be bringing you a visitor's-eye view of some of the stands and products in the form of WEX TV video clips!

So, keep coming back to the WEX blog and we'll update you with the latest information, news and videos as they come in.

The Lastolite Studio and Speedlight products

Lastolite is a name well known to photographers as their background and light modifying products have formed an intrinsic part of many studio sets-ups. In recent times Lastolite have embraced the new wave of strobist photography - shots lit by a combination of portable flashguns rather than the heavier studio lighting kits. These flashgun photographers are now looking for ways to increase the versatility of their speedlights through the use of simple add-ons including reflectors and softboxes, and Lastolite are more than happy to develop products to meet these demands.

In this video the Wex Photographic team visit the Lastolite stand at Photokina and speak to Gary Astell about their latest range of studio and speedlight equipment, including the Easy Roll background system and the Tri-flector, Quad Flash, Brolly Grip Head and Hotrod Strip Softbox for use with flash-guns.