Simple Studio Set-up review

Simple Studio Set-up review


I recently had a home portrait session with a future bride-to-be. This was a wedding enquiry and makeover session given to her as a present from her fiancé. It was the perfect opportunity for me to test the Lastolite 4ft 6in x 3ft 6in HiLite Background/Softbox which I had used on our Barrett & Coe stand at Focus in Birmingham in Feb 09. On this occasion I was demonstrating simple but effective lighting using little floor space. One of the biggest assets of this kit is that it is easy to set up, taking only minutes from opening the bag to having it set up in front of you. The Lastolite Hilite Background is very light to transport and like all Lastolite products comes in its own carry case. Versatile (it can be used both as an illuminated background or large softbox) and easy to collapse, it lays flat and easily fits comfortably into the car.



Here you can see a “before and after” of the kit, first as I’ve laid it out on the client’s living room floor, and then a few minutes later as it is set up and ready to shoot.

The lightweight material of the softbox is of course key to this being so easy to transport and assemble, and gives a beautiful, quality soft light through the translucent material.





These images were taken using only the soft box with no-fill light and one back light with a coloured gel to add colour to the background.

A fill light was added for the images below by means of a 12” Lastolite Sunlite/Soft Silver Reflector held in place on a stand with a Lastolite Pocket Reflector Bracket.




The next four images were created by using the HiLite with light as the background. The main light was created shooting through a nylon umbrella, giving a very effective high-key lighting effect and the transition from low key (dark) to high key (white) was very quick and easy.





You can see from the small selection of images here that this lighting set up is effective and versatile. The set up is very professional and the customers are delighted with all the images produced. Incidentally, following this shoot the couple were so pleased with the results that they have subsequently booked me for one of our top wedding packages on their wedding day.

This versatile, easy to store, lightweight portable studio is always in my car and now travels everywhere with me and is used for all pre-bridal portraits, weddings and all home portrait sessions.

Equipment used:

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