Wex 24-hour Photo Challenge: How to play

Welcome to the Wex 24-hour photo challenge, a new rolling competition for adventurous types



At Wex, we love giving stuff away, which is why we run regular competitions on social media. But for our newest competition we’ve decided to make it a little bit more challenging.

For the Wex 24-hour photo challenge, you will need to submit five images, covering five different areas, all captured within the same 24-hour period. The image types are as follows; a close-up detail or Macro shot, a picture of a person (that can be a posed or candid portrait), and then the three Ls – Landscape, Low-light and Landmark.

The competition is ongoing, with at least one winner being selected every month. Each time we select a winner, it will be the person who shares the best collection of five images that covers each of those elements.

To show you just how doable it is we sent Jon to Stockholm to have a go at the Wex 24-hour photo challenge himself. Of course, you don’t have to travel abroad to take part, you just have to have captured all of the images within the same day.



To be in with a chance of winning, share your five images on Instagram (@WexPhotographic) and Twitter (@WexTweets) with the hashtag #Wex24Hour along with the #DDMMYY that the images were captured on, for example #150716.

Watch how Jon gets on, check out some of his favourite shots from the day, and get involved!