May Wex Gallery Photo Competition Winner!

Last month’s theme ‘Champion’ was certainly a challenging topic and not one you would naturally come by in day to day life, unless you went looking for it. However, even with a niche theme such as this we still received over 200 entries and we were very pleased with all your efforts.

Prizes to be won!

To tie in with this sporting theme, the prize up for grabs for this month’s lucky winner was not only a £100 Wex Voucher but also a Photo Sport 200 AW bag worth £154.95, courtesy of Lowepro.

Who decides?

Judging this month’s competition was Geoff Waugh, a multi-award winning sports and adventure photographer who specialises in Cycles Sport of all disciplines. When he’s not shooting a road bike race from a muddy Belgian ditch he can be found up a mountain photographing downhill bikers or at a velodrome with the track racers. You can find more of Geoffs work on his website.

First: Jamie Williamson

Boxing Champion / Username: Jamie Williamson / 50mm f1.8 Lens


Jamie told us the story behind the shot:

This shot was of boxer Darren Johnstone who was fighting on the undercard of a boxing show in Motherwell, it wasn't a big fight really no titles involved so the reaction when his hand was raised was totally unexpected.  It only lasted a few seconds so there was only time to get a few frames. It was shot with just the available light (which was two spot lights) this added to the mood of the picture as did turning it to black and white in post.

Comments from judge Geoff Waugh:

I love this picture. You can sense the joy and relief through the body language of the boxer after being called the winner. The composition is roughly diagonal across the frame which works for me and the dramatic top lighting adds to the effect. There is no mistaking the message from this image. Winner!

You can view more of Jamie's work on his website.

Second: JonathanPhotography

Penny Farthing Race, A winner / Username: JonathanPhotography / Equipment Used: Canon 5D Mk II & 24-70mm f2.8


Geoff Waugh says:

A central composition but a bold idea which always scores in my book. The streaks of orange netting match the rider's clothing which is useful and the light tones have given the image a kind of watercolour effect. The author has used a potentially messy and cluttered background to their advantage.

Third: Nathaniel Gonzales

Against All Odds / Username: guitarman74uk / Equipment used: Canon 50d & Canon EF-S 18-200 mm Lens / AV / Converted to B+W


A little bit about the photo from Nathaniel:

My photo was taken during the 2012 London Marathon.  I like the emotion of the athlete that disability will not be an obstacle in reaching your goal.

Comments from Geoff Waugh:

Nice pools of light, good use of rule of thirds, and converting this image to black and white really worked with the road paint markings which could otherwise be distracting. You can see how much effort is going into pushing those wheels around.

You can see more of Nathaniel's work on Flickr.

A few more of our favourite entries

Username: tukan100 / Description: Cross Country / Equipment Used: Nikon D80, & Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 Lens


Username: Wilsonaxpe / Description: One in the corner! / Equipment Used: Nikon D700 & Nikon 70-200 plus x1.7 teleconverter / f4.8


Username: Samosa / Description: Rugby champion / Equipment Used: Canon 5DMkII + 100-400mm Canon lens 1/500 @f8 ISO600


Username: Jodi Lawrence / Description: Boxing Champion / Equipment used: Canon 40D & Sigma 18-200mm f3.5 1/400 ISO 3600


Thanks to everyone who entered May's Competition! The June competition is now open for entries, with the theme A Road Less Travelled. The closing date is at 5pm on Friday 29th June 2012. This month's prizes are...

First: £100 Wex Photographic voucher
Second: £50 Wex Photographic voucher
Third: £25 Wex Photographic voucher