May WEX Gallery Photography Competition Winners!

The May WEX Gallery competition theme was 'Call of the Wild' and I must admit we were pretty excited about seeing some impressive entries.  We certainly weren't disappointed, the quality of images submitted was very high and it was definitely a tricky one to judge.

Here are the winning photos from May 2011…


New Dawn by Nikkormike


Some background about this image from Mike, the first place winner:

"The picture was one of those rare events when you visualise something but need a stroke of luck to make it happen, and get it.  I was sat on the bank of the Chambal River in India earlier this year waiting for the sun, and therefore the temperature, to rise a little higher so that we could head off in search of gharial (rare crocodilians) basking.  As I sat photographing some small birds at the waters edge to pass the time I noticed the beautiful light from the rising sun coming through the early morning mist.  I sat there thinking how wonderful it would have been to have been there 30 mins earlier when the camel herders we had passed getting to the river would have been crossing.  Then I noticed two more camels on the far bank approaching the crossing point.  I set up and waited…….and got the exact images that I had earlier imagined.  Right place, right time and a little bit of luck.

Such magical moments make all the travel and fruitless hours worthwhile."


Wildebeest at Mara River in Kenya by Blacksnapper



Explosion by Ashley Vincent


Thanks to all who entered the competition in May!

June's WEX Gallery competition is now open for entries with the theme 'Dusk 'til Dawn' and a one-to-one photography workshop worth £495 up for grabs for first prize!