October Wex Gallery Competition Winners!

Atmosphere can mean many things to different people and will conjure up a whole host of evocative imagery. In its most literal sense it will mean to most the air or gas that comprises the sky or a confined space but it can also be used to describe a mood or the prevailing character of a place or an item. Of course the perception of what the atmosphere of a place is like based on an image (or series of images) will invariably be influenced by our own preconceptions. Where landscapes or scenes are concerned, atmospheres will often be created in image form by implied movement, noise or circumstances; an image of a boat at an angle being tossed around by white crested waves under a dark sky suggests a moody rough atmosphere. You sent us your own creative representations of what atmosphere meant to you and for most your interpretations were conveyed through scenery and skyline shots.

In first place: Crow Horizons by Dominic Lester

First - Dom L

Horizons, wall and birds / Username: Dom L / Equipment used: Nikon D7000

A bit about the photo: This photo was taken in Cumbria, near Castlerigg. I used my Nikon D7000, with 16-85 lens, on a tripod. Settings were ISO 200, f19 1/125, with aperture priority and no exposure compensation.

In second place: Matterhorn view by Alistair Petrie

Matterhorn View

Matterhorn View / Username: ATPetrie / Equipment Used: Canon 5D, 24-105mm

A few words from Alistair: My picture was taken while on holiday in Switzerland this summer.  The Matterhorn must be one of the most photographed mountains in the world but when I spotted this tiny church at Riffelberg I saw the potential of creating an interesting composition and sent my son to stand on the ridge to complete the triangular shape.  The ever changing cloud and light completed the scene.  I used my Canon 5D with 24-105mm lens fully zoomed in to 105mm to compress the perspective.

In third place: Into the mist by Keith Collie

Third, Ambient - Into the mist

Deep snow, early morning in the Dublin Mountains / Username: Ambient / Equipment used: Minolta 700i, Sigma 28-70mm @ 50mm. Fuji Sensia, scanned to PS CS3 by Minolta Scan Elite 2.

The story behind the image: This photo was taken on the 15th November a few years ago. There was an unexpected heavy snow fall so a quick phone call to a couple of my climbing friends and out we went at dawn. Coming round a bend on a firebreak I saw this shot in my head, stopped, out with the camera, set the exposure, composed and pressed the button. Three hours and ten miles later, near the summit of Kippure, we dug a snow hole, lit the primus and had one of the best al fresco lunches of my career. Using a film camera (which I do in cold conditions) I had to wait three weeks to see the result, but I was more than pleased! It was a memorable day and I cherish this photo. Had I asked my companions to stop and wait while I set up, the scene would have looked staged and lost the atmospheric impact. Using film now and then teaches me photographic discipline and improves my digital stuff no end!

A few more of our favourites!


The sun will come / Taken by 4orty7even / Equipment Used: Canon EOS 450D, Canon 18-55mm at 18mm, ISO 100, f/16, 1 sec, tripod



Andy Holden

Moorland Magic / Taken by Andy Holden / Equipment Used: Panasonic DMC-TZ10. Handheld (running with the camera in hand). 11mm, 1/2000 sec @ f/5, ISO-125, shooting into the sun.




Double rainbow in the Grand Canyon at Yavapai Point / Taken by EmmaD / Equipment Used: Canon 50D plus EF-24-70mm f2.8L lens @ 25mm; ISO200; f8; 1/200



M Petrie

Misty Dundee - Mist lifting as sun rises from Lawhill / Taken by M Petrie / Equipment Used: Canon 350D with 17-40 lens at f8



Paul Appleby

Lightning Lighthouse / Taken by Paul Appleby / Equipment Used: Canon 5D Mk3, Canon 70-200 @70, Manfrotto Tripod




"Land of ghosts" fog and frost on an early winter's morning in Cuerden Valley Park / Taken by Silvergull / Equipment Used: Canon 400d, Tamron 17-50, tripod



M Priestley

Piercing The Mist, the view from Almscliffe Crag near Harrogate / Taken by M Priestley / Equipment Used: Canon 50D, 70-200mm lens, tripod




Tyne pedestrian Tunnel / Taken by ianc / Equipment Used: Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16mm @ 11mm, 30 secs @ f/16



Thanks for taking the time to enter peeps :)