The Wex W Challenge Winner!

Earlier this year, we asked you to enter your best photographs that featured the shape of the letter W for our W Challenge Photography Competition to win a Canon EOS 7D + 15-85mm Lens. Whether you'd spotted it in the subtle curls of a fern or the roofs of houses, or maybe you created your own W by painting with light or creatively arranging your photography gear - we were completely blown away by the quality of the hundreds of entries we received!

Several days and many hours and rounds of judging later, we had a winner! From everyone here at Wex Photographic we want to say a big "Congratulations" to Steve Hunt, who captured the winning W...

Fungus by Steve Hunt


The judges commented that the winning image of a small group of funghi growing around the base of a tree stood out for a number of reasons: the organic form of the ‘W’ plus the colours were warm and inviting. The capture of a natural object also conveys the delicate nature of photography too: the balance of capturing light and shade, composition, technical skill and more importantly the ‘W’ taking centre stage. When the final shortlisted images were pitched against each other, this shot showed strength without being overly enhanced. It ticked all the right boxes.

The photographer of the winning shot, Steve Hunt, has been a keen amateur photographer for over 20 years and although he's entered several photo competitions and had images short listed before, this was the first time he's ever won a prize. Steve said to us "it was a brilliant moment when I got the phone call".

He also shared with us a little background about his winning photo:

It was a chilly winters day when I set out for an early morning walk in the Yorkshire Dales around Barden Moor and Bolton Priory. I was walking a 5 mile circuit which took me high onto the moors and then dropped down to some woods for the walk back to the car by a stretch of water known as 'The Strid'. It was here, close to the river that I spotted this fungus on a fallen tree. I always carry a camera with me whilst in the countryside and when I set off on this walk my sights were set on landscape shots rather than macro. At the back of my mind though I have to admit I was also thinking about the Wex competition and how great it would be if I could win a new camera. My Canon 30D is now getting a little tired and I had been thinking about replacing it, but not for another 12 months or so.

Being more of a landscape photographer I usually have a Canon 17-40L lens attached to my camera.  The Sigma 70-300mm APO DG telephoto lens with macro facility used for this shot usually stays in my rucksack, but when I came across the tiny orange fungus growing on a rotting log I noticed the 'W' shape and immediately my thoughts were of the competition and the Sigma was quickly brought into action. The camera was mounted on a Manfrotto 390RC2 Tripod. Camera set to manual. Aperture was f11, 1/8 sec. Lens set at 300mm. A cable release used to keep everything wobble free. It was a fairly overcast day so natural light was used. I took around 15 shots at various apertures and shutter speeds. I always shoot in RAW and edit in Lightroom. I always reserve judgement of a image till it is viewed full size on a computer screen and this particular shot stood out from rest.

Thank you Wex for this wonderful prize. I am now inspired to push my photography further and the 7D with 15-85mm lens will certainly help.

As mentioned earlier, there were hundreds of wonderful W photographs entered into the competition, many it seemed were the result of much time and effort, so we'd like to showcase some of our favourite entries here on the blog...

An excellent example of a W painted with light by © W. Hollyoak



We loved the colours and tones in this image © R. Proctor


This delicately curled fern was another striking natural W image © A. Roberts


This composite image of photography gear was very impressive! © G. Bissell


We had more than a few entries where a W was represented with human hands, this was one of our favourites from the bunch © G. Jensen


We loved this W and fully appreciated how much time and effort it would have taken to create! © T. Sama


We loved the wide range of photography demostrated throughtout the entries, this shot was a particularly good example of fashion photography that wouldn't have looked out of place in a magazine © L. Burkite


This fun photo is another great example of the wide range of entries & photography styles we saw © G. Egan


We liked the strong W shape in these two pegs in addition to the use of light & shadow © C. Mooney


This W formed by two sets of legs in the water reflection was another entry that stood out from the crowd © R. Connolly


Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter our W Challenge Photography Competition, we hope you enjoyed photographing them as much as we enjoyed looking at them :)