Getting Started with your DSLR: The Next Step – Portraiture

Getting Started with your DSLR: The Next Step – Portraiture


Looking to develop your confidence as a photographer, develop your experience using manual settings or for advice on portraiture photography? This is the workshop for you!

If you enjoyed our ‘The Basics’ workshop and want to build upon what you learnt then we’re excited to bring you our 'Next Step' series of intermediate workshops! These workshops, covering a range of subject matter, aim to build on the basics and help you develop your photographic style.

Join us with your camera and enthusiasm for a brilliant half-day workshop at the beautiful Park Farm Hotel. Staff photographers and The Basics workshop leaders, Josh Brown and Dibs McCallum will teach you the fundamental techniques of portraiture, supported by professional model Bernadette Lemon. It’s all about improving your confidence and developing your photography!

The Itinerary:

  • Introductions
  • Briefing on the lighting kit available at the workshop (covering lights, modifiers, battery packs, triggers and reflectors)
  • Talk on camera kit and lenses (including the pros and cons of telephoto and prime lenses)
  • Demonstration on how to correctly assemble lighting equipment
  • Setting up your camera (including discussion of shooting in RAW, rule of thirds and composition)
  • Let’s start shooting!
    • Meet model Bernadette Lemon
    • The importance of using a tripod
    • Using live view and the viewfinder
    • Balancing ambient and artificial lighting
    • Working indoors and outdoors
  • Break for a cuppa
  • Back to the studio!
    • Directing the model
    • Introducing reflectors
    • Manipulating light and angles
    • Controlling your lighting heads
    • Using different modifiers
  • Recap and Q&A

Event Information

Event: Getting Started with your DSLR: The Next Step – Portraiture
Date: Friday 14th October 9.30am-2.30pm
Location:Park Farm Hotel - Norwich Road Hethersett, NR9 3DL

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