London Lens Show 2017

London Lens Show, Saturday 6th May 2017 - 10am-6pm.
Business Design Centre, Islington.

Following the success of our inaugural London Lens Show last year, we are delighted to bring you the London Lens Show 2017! 

The event will take place on Saturday 6th May from 10am – 6pm at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

Alongside our sister company Fixation and all the leading photographic brands, we will be hosting this event to include a broad range of demonstrations, activities, and gear displays. We will have something for photographers and videographers of all skill levels, so whether you’re a beginner looking for the inspiration to replace your first kit lens, or a professional keen to stay up to date with the latest high-end glass, the London Lens Show will have something for you.

See below for a taste of what will be on offer. More information to be announced soon.

  • News, gear, demos and advice from leading brands
  • Dedicated pro-video floor and screenings
  • All your sales, repair and maintenance needs from Wex and Fixation
  • Seminars from top industry professionals
  • Exclusive deals available to purchase on the day
  • Free next-day delivery on any items not available at the show
  • The chance to win a Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 50 Optic for one lucky attendee.

Seminar Room 1 - Stills

Explore the Possibilities with Canon EF Lenses - Seminar from Canon Explorer Simeon Quarrie 

10.30am - 12pm.

Whether shooting weddings, traveling with the Maasai Warriors in Africa, or creating a crazy London time-lapse, Simeon knows lenses make a big difference! With so many lenses to choose from, it’s important that you understand what lens to use, when and why? “Choosing the right lens can save you big money. Making the wrong choice will cost you!” says Simeon. Join Simeon for this exciting seminar, get inspired, and then go and try the kit!  

Canon Explorer Simeon Quarrie is known for his creativity and storytelling in both video and photography. His work has seen him travel across the world for clients who seek his unique approach. He delivers creativity for some of the biggest brands in the world, and is a prolific educator with an infectious enthusiasm that sees his work featured on some of the industry’s largest blogs.

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It's Not About the Camera - Seminar from Fuji Ambassador Paul Sanders.


Fuji ambassador Paul Sanders has been a professional photographer since 1984. Since then he has carved his path in the world of photojournalism, and in 2004 was appointed as The Picture Editor of The Times. In 2011 he left The Times to pursue his love of landscape photography.

Paul’s journey from news photographer to landscape photographer began as a form of therapy to help him deal with stress, depression, insomnia and anxiety. Many of the images he creates are long exposures, developing an ethereal quality that has a painterly feel to his work.

In this talk, Paul will talk about photography as an investment in our own quality time. He sees photography as a time to reflect, be calm and connect with what we see and feel. However he feels so many of us get lost in the opinion and judgement of clubs, competitions and gear acquisition that we feel let down and disappointed with our work. Is it possible in the modern world to truly get back to basics and shoot from the heart, free from fear and judgement? Come along to Paul’s talk to find out.

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Always in the Background, The Road to Clint Eastwood – Seminar from Sony Ambassador Keith Bernstein.

2.30pm - 4pm.

Sony Ambassador Keith Bernstein joins us to talk about the unforeseen and totally unpredictable journey that led to him working with Clint Eastwood.

More than 20 years spent as a photojournalist were to have a direct impact on Keith’s photographic career, and led him to become Clint’s film stills photographer for his last seven movies with another planned for 2017.

Two seemingly different worlds – photojournalism and cinema – proved to be linked and connected in ways that Keith can now see in retrospect. His talk, accompanied by his own work, will show how he brings these two contrasting subject areas together.

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Rediscovering Our Forgotten Heritage – Seminar from Pentax Ambassador Matt Emmett.

4.30pm - 6pm.

Multi-award-winning photographer and Pentax Ambassador, Matt Emmett joins us to talk about his passion for exploring and photographing some of Europe's most at risk architectural heritage.

The Pentax kit Matt uses is ideal for the environment and some time will be spent looking at the reasons why. Towards the end there will be a few Photoshop demonstrations to show some techniques he has developed. There will also be time for you to ask any questions you may have.

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Seminar Room 2 - Video

A Guide to the GH5 for the Advanced User - Seminar from Panasonic Ambassador Jim Marks

10.30am - 12pm.

Panasonic Ambassador Jim Marks joins us to show us the power of the Lumix GH5 in his talk for intermediate/advanced video users. In this talk, Jim will cover why 4k 60p and 422 10 bit is important for video, and will also show us the flexibility of micro four thirds mounts using various lenses. He will also go through a little information about anamorphic lenses and how they can enhance your video experience.

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Achieving a Cinematic Look with the Sony E-mount System - Seminar from Philip Bloom

12.30pm - 2pm.

Philip Bloom left Sky News after 17 years working as a news cameraman, and 10 years later he has built a up a globally respected reputation within the industry. From filming on Lucasfilm’s “Red Tails” to shooting the BAFTA / Raindance winning documentary “How To Start A Revolution” through to the “The Wonder List” for CNN and beyond.

Besides his dedication to his craft, his huge passion is well known and shared through numerous social media platforms. His very popular website has become one of the main educational resources for filmmakers across the globe.

In this talk, Philip will tell us about his experience with Sony cameras in his professional work, from Alpha cameras to FS5 and FS7.

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Making Videos with Your DSLR and Creating Viral Videos - Seminar from Elishama Udorok

2.30pm - 4pm.

Interested in making videos from a young age, Elishama first received recognition for his work aged just 17 when he won The Sunday Times First Light Filmmaking competition, resulting in his film being screened in Leicester Square. Since then he maintains his passion for making videos, and continues to freelance producing work for various clients including Cancer Research, Motor Neuron Disease UK, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, Diabetes UK, and Oakley.

His latest venture includes the videography and editing behind The Chicken Connoiseur’s YouTube series “The Pengest Munch”, which has become a viral sensation and has been viewed over 20 million times.

Elishama will talk to you about his journey, how you can get started making videos on your DSLR, the kit you will need, tips and tricks, what it takes to create viral videos and the challenges and rewards that come with it.

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Freedom to Tell Your Story with Canon Cinema EOS - Seminar from Canon Explorer Simeon Quarrie

4.30pm - 6pm.

Let’s face it. There is a time to go DSLR / Mirrorless and a time to go Cinema! Simeon will show you some of the key differences. Simeon grew his business transitioning from shooting weddings with DSLRs to corporate and commercial with Cinema EOS. He will leave you creatively inspired whilst helping you technically to understand picture profiles from log curves like CLOG2. He’ll also explain the difference between Cinema and Photographic lenses. Join Simeon for this exciting seminar, get inspired, and then go and try the kit!  

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General Admission (Online in Advance) - FREE. Limited Availability.
General Admission (On the Door) - £5. 
Seminar Spaces Sold Separately - £20

For entrance to seminars you must have both a seminar ticket and general admission ticket. You will need to present these tickets on arrival at reception to receive your wristband.

Please note that while we will make every effort to ensure you can gain entry to the show, the BDC's health-and-safety regulations mean that movement throughout the venue must be controlled and visitors may occasionally be required to queue.