Give A Child A Camera - Seminar with Julian Claxton

Give a Child a Camera - Bringing Photography to Rural Africa.

Hear the story of how freelance photographer Julian Claxton discovered a small community school in rural Africa, where he fell in love with the children and went back to give them the gift of photography.

In a presentation interspersed with video clips, Julian talks about the project he set up, the benefits it gave to the local community, the journey the children have been on, and how more than fifty children went from never having held a camera to producing wonderfully emotive images of their lives. 

About Julian Claxton 

Julian Claxton is a freelance editorial, corporate, and documentary photographer from Suffolk. Since cycling to Africa in 2012, he has found the continent has greatly impacted his life. He has been captivated by the wonderful hospitality, the rawness of life, and the warmth of the communities. Julian has returned to rural Uganda and Rwanda on several occasions, working and living in the rural communities, teaching photography and constantly being blown away by the children’s photographic abilities.


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Give A Child A Camera - Seminar with Julian Claxton

Event: Give A Child A Camera - Seminar with Julian Claxton
Wednesday 29th March 2017, 18:30 - 20:30
Price: £5.00 Standard £2.50 (Student)
Open, Norwich City Centre: 20 Bank Plain, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 4SF

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