Lensbaby Sweet Spot

We’re big fans of Lensbaby lenses; they're superb tools for adding a dash of creativity to your photography and the images are definitely eye-catching. If you’re feeling a little low on photographic inspiration then the sweet spot & dreamy blurred effect will add a fresh dimension to everyday scenes. Time to jump into the Lensbaby world!

Lensbaby Creativity

"This Gale Carries My Heart To You" - Yoshimi ©This Gale Carries My Heart To You - Yoshimi ©
"Esteatito" - Elmo Alves ©Esteatito - Elmo Alves ©
"Blurry" - 96dpi ©Blurry - 96dpi ©
"Cirque" - thart2009 ©Cirque - thart2009 ©

Checkout the official Lensbaby photo gallery for more awesomeness!

Lensbaby Options

The latest generation of Lensbabies is made up of the Composer, Muse and Control Freak. Try our announcement post ‘A Triplet of Lensbabies’ for information about each lens and the new optic swap system. So far the Composer and Muse have been released into the wild:

Lensbaby composer lens

Lensbaby Composer (Review) - Features a ball & socket mechanism for smooth and precise framing. To celebrate our irrational love of Lensbaby lenses we’ve taken £20 off the Composer! It's available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Pentax.

Lensbaby Muse lens
Lensbaby Muse – The Lensbaby Muse is an update to the original Lensbaby, available with plastic or double glass optics. It retains all the original Lensbaby charm plus the thrifty price tag.

Another beauty of the Lensbaby system, besides its endearing quirkiness, is its highly customisable; you can add a Lensbaby macro filter, craft your own custom bokeh with blank aperture discs, and make pin-hole or dreamy Holga-style images with the optic kit.