Shots to take before you die…

Every photographer has their wish list of shots that they would love to get – some are fairly clichéd images that have been shot by thousands of photographers the world over, some are less obvious, manifestations of personal passions that you have vowed to capture on camera.

Here are four of our dream shots (in no particular order!) and some examples of photos by people who have made us green with envy by already having them in their portfolio.

#1 – Sunrise / sunset in a picturesque location

Let’s face it, watching the sun rise or set in your back garden soon loses its appeal. What we’re looking for here is capturing the moment when somewhere far from home, where the beauty of the light is added to by the lovely location.

Khancoban Sunrise by Sam Ilic Photography - STAGE88

#2 – An ‘untouched’ civilisation

As more and more of the world becomes accessible, there seems to be little left to really discover. Embracing the Christopher Columbus inside and traversing little walked paths through the wilderness appeals to the nomad inside us – the next decades could be our last chance to record the lives of people who live outside so-called civilisation.

Machu Picchu (horizontal) by kudomomo

#3 – Tree lined avenue in perfect light

Next time you find yourself walking down a perfectly tree-lined avenue, don’t curse yourself for leaving your camera behind. There’s something about the seemingly unending continuum of a tree lined path that just begs to be captured on film.

Bavelaw Avenue by hotblack

#4 – Earth from space

Possibly the trickiest on our wish list, but this would really be the ultimate landscape, and in the words of REM, “if you believe, they put a man on the moon” – anything is possible. If it happens in our lifetime we’ll be the first in the queue.

Blue Marble (Planet Earth) by woodleywonderworks

So, what is on your list? Let us know what shots you’d like to capture before you die by commenting on this post, or, if you’re lucky enough to have snagged one already – show us!