Sony Meets UK Shooters | Five Tips for Low-Light Photography


We teamed up with Sony and UK Shooters in October, and joined hordes of photographers as they took unique Halloween-themed images in low light



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We took the Sony A7R III to a Sony and UK Shooters Halloween-themed event, and Lewis’ Bonfire night celebrations. Both evenings made good use of the camera’s impressive low-light capabilities, producing crisp and clear images at high ISOs. Watch the video (above) or look at the steps (below) for our five tips for low-light photography.


Five Tips for Low-Light Photography


1. Shoot at higher ISOs

A huge ISO range means you can make use of the A7R III’s incredible low-light capabilities to capture images even in near darkness.

2. Make use of your camera's live preview

Using live preview can help you to compose, and expose images quickly and correctly, when lighting is varied, low or harsh.

3. Search for interesting angles

Want your images to stand out? Look for interesting compositions that others will miss. The A7R III’s tilting touch screen and light body should help you manoeuvre into the desired position and frame those difficult compositions with ease.

4. Use in-body image stabilisation [IBIS]

IBIS allows you to slow your shutter speed to let in more light and still achieve crisp images. The A7R III boasts a whopping 5.5 stops of compensation!

5. Underexpose your images

Blown out highlights can make it difficult or even impossible to recover detail during post. However, lifting shadows is far easier, so it’s better to underexpose than overexpose.


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