Waterproofs and Paint | How Wex Photo Video Sourced the Right Kit for Trespass’ Qikpac Jacket Campaign


Outdoor clothing brand Trespass left Wex Photo Video’s national accounts manager Bobby Gavin with the task of finding the right equipment for a shoot that involved flying buckets of paint…


Waterproofs and Paint | How Wex Photo Video Sourced the Right Kit for Trespass’ Qikpac Jacket Campaign

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With over 19,000 products on the main website, and a client base which covers every aspect of commercial and professional imaging, life as a national accounts manager at Wex Photo Video is never dull. Even so – as our Scotland and Northern Ireland manager Bobby Gavin found out – there’s often something on the horizon, which pushes the boundaries just that little bit more than you’d expect on a Monday morning.

“We had our first contact about the Trespass project in November,” explains Bobby. “They asked if it was possible to rent a very specialist camera, and I explained that it might be possible. But, as the camera was such a unique item, I was probably more intrigued as to what it was going to be used for.”

It transpired that outdoor clothing brand Trespass was about to launch the Qikpac packaway jacket, which is waterproof to 5000mm and comes in a range of vibrant colours. To showcase the jackets, the media team decided that it would be a great idea to make some in white and then throw paint at them. The project got the green light and the brief was (at first glance) very straightforward; film models having paint thrown at them in both stills and slow-motion video, and that’s where the fun began…

Wex Photo Video is proud to be a supplier to Trespass, a real Scottish success story. This project gave us the opportunity to demonstrate what having field-based support actually means in a genuine scenario. We therefore had no hesitation in giving our full commitment to the media team and helping to make their ideas a reality.

Bobby takes up the story: “Both the stills and video team had definite ideas on how the finished imagery should look and that brought it all together, because they stuck closely to their original vision. Our job was to source the right equipment to realise this visualisation and for that, we were able to use our colleagues at Wex Rental.”

Shooting slow motion and stills with liquids flying around was never going to be straightforward. The planning started with the item that kicked off the process, the camera for video. Our Pro Video team was invaluable here and quickly advised Trespass that its existing camera would be more than adequate for the framerate required. Ironically, therefore, the product which started the initial enquiry didn’t make the final cut!


Waterproofs and Paint | How Wex Photo Video Sourced the Right Kit for Trespass’ Qikpac Jacket Campaign

Problem solving can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a challenging
shoot, especially when viewing the finished project.


The lighting presented more of a challenge – it had to be capable of illuminating the stills shots and providing flicker-free slow-motion video. The flying paint meant the lights had to sit behind a waterproof screen; significantly impacting on the available light.

With so many considerations, it’s fair to say that the planning meetings headed off in some interesting directions, but one element in our favour was the comprehensive range offered by Wex Rental. Having such a wide variety of product options gave Wex Rental the ability to guide the Trespass team towards the optimal combination of kit for the project.

The final choice of lighting was a mix of ARRI and Kino Flo (both provided by Wex Rental) and the results on the Trespass website speak for themselves. “Our role in the National Accounts team is to proactively support our clients,” says Bobby. “This was definitely a bit of a departure from the norm, but the principles are the same as we’d apply to any customer request. We work with the client to establish the requirements and then source the best products for the task.

“I’m so pleased, in both a professional and personal capacity, for the team at Trespass. They had a clear vision of the end result and had to factor in all sorts of considerations – such as the consistency and colour of the paint – to realise that vision. Gillian, one of the photographers, even volunteered to be the paint target for the test shots! The Trespass team certainly had the vision and the drive, and we at Wex Photo Video are delighted we could contribute in converting those aspirations into reality.”

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