Shooting the breeze with... Rory Lewis


We chat to portrait photographer Rory Lewis about all things photography. Read on for Rory’s pet peeves and dream shoots...


Rory Lewis

Image by Rory Lewis


Wex Photo Video: What’s the most expensive piece of equipment you’ve trashed?

Rory Lewis: I’m not in the habit of trashing equipment, but in my younger days, I fell asleep retouching portraits, not realising there was a glass of water on the table next to me. Needless to say, upon waking, my brand new 15” MacBook Pro was soaking wet. My arm must have inadvertently knocked over the glass.


WPV: Tell us about the image that got away?

RL: Due to the high level of the subjects I work with, I can’t afford to get it wrong, I always arrive early and on time with a plan of execution. I’ve never failed to achieve what I’m looking for.


WPV: What’s the worst shooting experience you’ve ever had?

RL: Abbey Clancy. Very rude, and I walked off the set, never to return.


WPV: Tell us about your dream shoot?

RL: My biggest costs are time and travel. The majority of my shoots only require a minimal amount of equipment. To me it’s the subjects I photograph. I became a portrait photographer to observe and even touch history. I guess, looking at today’s subjects, a sitting with Putin and Trump would be indeed controversial and historic.


WPV: What’s your editing pet peeve?

RL: Bad lighting. You either achieve it or you don’t; you can ponder over it in Photoshop for hours until you get it right.


WPV: What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done to get the shot?

RL: Nothing springs to mind.


Rory Lewis

A self-portrait by Rory


WPV: Smartphones have made everyone a photographer. Do you agree?

RL: Not at all – to be a portrait photographer, you must have a clear understanding of fine art. Not only this, but the confidence to direct a subject to create meaningful and thought-provoking portrait. You must also understand chiaroscuro, lighting and how to paint with shadow.


See more from Rory at his website, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


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