Fujifilm X-Pro2 Firmware Update

Fujifilm is set to release firmware update Ver. 2.0 for the X-Pro2 rangefinder-style mirrorless digital camera in October 2016.


Fujifilm X-Pro2 Firmware Update


Following the announcement of the Fujifilm XT-2, the X-Pro2 firmware update will bring that camera up-to-speed with Fuji’s latest offering in many respects. The X-Pro2 was announced at the start of the year, over six months ago now. Since the launch of that camera, Fuji’s engineers have had all of that time to learn how to get more out of the camera’s sensor and processors, with real-world feedback and XT-2 testing. The result will see improvements to some key areas.

The XT-2 and X-Pro2 are being treated as twin flagships so it’s good to see Fuji providing an update to keep the latter up-to-date. Of course the two cameras offer distinctly different shooting experiences and when you take the XT-2 Vertical Power Boost grip, the XT-2 is more of a high-performance product, where the major consistency between the two cameras is the image quality.


Detail of the update includes:

  1. The new autofocus algorithm* that is implemented on the new FUJIFILM X-T2 to produce faster and more accurate autofocus will also be implemented on the FUJIFILM X-Pro2. * Excludes the new AF-C Custom Settings functions.

  2. Compatibility with the new hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500. The camera will now be enabled with high-speed flash sync and multi-flash lighting.

  3. AUTO POWER OFF will now have 15 sec, 30 sec, and 1 min. options, allowing more customisable power management.

  4. The parallax correction function will be improved to provide a more accurate and easier-to-use Optical Viewfinder.

    *The detail of the firmware is subject to change


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