Canon PowerShot S90

The Canon PowerShot S90 has an impressive résumé: a 10 megapixel sensor, 28-105mm f2.0-4.9 image stabilised lens, and 3 inch LCD screen – all crammed into a slim pocket-sized format. We reckon this makes the new S90 a ‘baby’ PowerShot G11. The excitement doesn’t stop there – the PowerShot S90 has very innovative trick up its sleeve!

Canon PowerShot S90 = Baby G11?Canon PowerShot S90 = Baby G11?

Canon PowerShot S90 Control Ring

The PowerShot S90 features a control ring around the lens that can be customised to control various functions. This innovative new control is part of the S90 experience, aimed at providing photographers with a “satisfyingly tactile experience” – Canon’s words not ours – but the end result is fantastic.

The new S90 lens control ring can adjust:

  • Focus
  • Zoom settings (stepped)
    Rapidly change focal length between 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm & 105mm presets.
  • ISO value
    Adjust ISO in 1/3 stop increments
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture value
  • Exposure compensation

The control ring also allows you to navigate menus and scroll images quickly. The only control ring related function we’re slightly dubious about is the new Nostalgic Mode, which apparently adds an aged effect to your image (adjustable from subtle to grainy black & white via the control ring).

Canon PowerShot S90 Specifications

  • 10 megapixel CCD sensor (1/1.7” size)
  • 28-105mm f2.0-4.9 lens (3.75x zoom) with optical image stabilisation
  • 3 inch fixed LCD screen with 461k pixel resolution
  • 80-3200 ISO range
  • 100x58x31mm dimensions
  • 175g weight

Canon PowerShot S90 with 3 inch LCD screenCanon PowerShot S90 with 3 inch LCD screen

The fast f2.0 aperture and image stabilisation will be a powerful combination in low-light scenes. If your subject is moving then trade the image stabilisation for a high ISO value with the f2.0 aperture and keep on shooting without fear of excessive grain and noise – the S90 includes Canon’s Dual Anti-Noise System (sensitive sensor + DIGIC 4).

PowerShot S90 v G11 Differences

The PowerShot S90 is similar to the G11 in many respects; however the S90 loses the hot-shoe flash mount, optical viewfinder, two top-panel control dials, vari-angle screen, and the additional 106-140mm telephoto focal length.

Top view of the PowerShot S90Top view of the PowerShot S90

In the PowerShot S90’s favour you end up with a slimmer camera (100x58x31mm compared to 112x76x48mm), lighter weight (175g vs 355g), new lens control ring, and faster f2.0 aperture at wide angle focal lengths. This could make choosing between the S90 and G11 quite tricky – maybe the only solution to the dilemma is to pick up both ;)

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