Gear of the Month | December 2022


Welcome to our round-up of the best new gear for photographers in December. As 2022 draws to a close, we can safely say it’s been a banner year for new camera kit, so much so that you may have had trouble keeping up with all the exciting new releases.

In this round-up blog, we’ll be taking you through all the latest and greatest photo gear that’s hitting the shelves this month. Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts, or looking for your next upgrade, these are all the cameras, lenses and accessories that the Wex team can’t stop talking about for December.

(One quick note before we start – remember that stock levels of various items in the photography world can and do fluctuate as the supply chain adjusts to cope with demand. If you’ve got your eye on something that’s not in stock right now, keep checking back, as the situation can change very quickly.)


Fujifilm X-T5 Digital Camera Body - Black

£1,609.00 inc. Cashback View

With the recently announced X-T5, Fujifilm is bringing the X-T series home to photographers after the somewhat more video-oriented X-T4. And this isn’t just us editorialising – Fujifilm has said as much, doing so quite pithily in this thoroughly enjoyable short advert made by the firm’s USA division.

As such, this is a beautiful camera for photographers, packed with features for stills shooters. That 40.2MP X-Trans 5 HR CMOS sensor, borrowed from the X-H2, captures stunning images full of detail, and can even use Pixel-Shift multi-shot to stitch together a composite with a staggering 160MP of resolution.

But of course, the other half of the picture is that Fujifilm handling. Dial-based controls, a 3-inch touchscreen that tilts in three directions, the classic hybrid viewfinder – it is just, as ever, an immensely satisfying camera to use. And somehow they’ve even managed to make it 50g lighter than the X-T4.

We took the X-T5 out for a spin in London, accompanied by local street and travel photographer Mr Whisper, an avid X-T4 user who had got an early preview of the X-T5. His take? It’s: “an incredible upgrade on the X-T4… when I picked it up, I could feel the physical difference.” According to Mr Whisper, the subtle but significant ergonomic changes all indicate that Fujifilm “have been listening to us, and they know what we need.”


Canon EOS R6 Mark II Digital Camera Body

£2,629.00 View

Announced at the start of November, the Canon EOS R6 II is slated to start shipping as we head into the festive season, and it’s a hell of a camera for serious enthusiasts in photo and video alike. It retains the design philosophy of the original EOS R6 – a comparatively low 24.2MP full-frame sensor (and isn’t it something that we’ve got to the point where 24 million pixels seems low?) that allows the camera to excel at low light, burst shooting and video.

For hybrid content creators, this is going to be a seriously tempting package. Having a 40fps  burst rate is going to give you enough speed to capture still images of basically anything, and you know you’ll be able to keep up focus-wise thanks to Canon’s class-leading Dual Pixel CMOS AF II.

Video-wise, the EOS R6 II makes use of the full width of its 6K sensor – the days of the infamous “Canon crop” seem to have been well and truly left behind. It also borrows the multifunction shoe that debuted with the sports flagship EOS R3, enabling the easy use of all types of accessories, from flashguns to microphones. 


OM SYSTEM OM-5 Digital Camera Body - Black

£1,074.00 inc. Cashback View

Photographers may have feared the worst when the Olympus imaging brand was sold to OM Digital Solutions, but such worries proved unfounded. The phoenix-like rise of the new OM System already heralded one hit camera in the shape of the OM-1, and now the new firm has proved it can repeat the trick with the fully featured OM System OM-5.

Our expert team was blown away by the OM-5, as you can see in our first-look video below. It’s a camera that has been cleverly optimised for enthusiast photographers who like a bit of an outdoor adventure. With IP-53 weather-sealing, the OM-5 can take whatever the elements throw at it, and the built-in 5-axis stabilisation system delivers a hugely impressive 7.5EV of exposure compensation, making it simpler than ever to get sharp shots hand-held.  Our team also particularly loved the Live ND feature, a built-in filter that lets you get silky-smooth water effects without needing to attach an external filter to the front of the lens.


Canon RF 135mm f1.8 L IS USM Lens

£2,599.00 View

We love the look of this silky-smooth prime lens for Canon RF mirrorless cameras. With a 135mm focal length and f1.8 aperture, it’s pitched at portrait photographers, especially those who prefer a tight head-and-shoulders style of shot. A 9-blade circular aperture ensures smooth, creamy bokeh in the defocused areas of an image, while the 5.5-stop image stabiliser gives the user more latitude for slower shutter speeds when the light gets low. If you’re one for natural-light portraits, this lens definitely merits consideration.


Canon Speedlite EL-5 Flashgun

£499.00 View

A powerful flashgun for Canon DSLR and mirrorless shooters, the new Speedlite EL-5 is GN60-rated, meaning it’s got plenty of flash range. It can manage up to 350 full-power shots on a single battery charge, has a built-in LED modelling light, and can also store custom flash modes, meaning you can program it to remember your settings once you get it working the way you like it. The EL-5 can also control up to 15 Speedlites with its built-in radio transmitter.


So, there you have it - our round-up of the top gear that’s been released and that’s hitting the shelves in December. Of course, there are lots of other accessories and gear that’s been released, but this would be a long, long piece if we listed all of them.

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