New Zeeion from Visible Dust

Visible Dust Zeeion Dust RemovalZeeion is the name of the new non-contact, anti-static dust removal device from Visible Dust. Designed for enthusiast photographers as well as working professionals, the Zeeion works in conjunction with Visible Dust's Arctic Butterfly in the "dust removal" stage of the three stage Visible Dust sensor cleaning workflow, which is as follows:

  1. Check with a Sensor Loupe
  2. Remove dry, sharp dust
  3. Wet clean

Visible Dust Zeeion - The Differences

The Visible Dust Zeeion is different from other digital SLR 'blowers', which are traditionally made from rubber and therefore charged with static. Zeeion is made from a unique compound with an anti-static property, called Silicon RX. When squeezed, the air emitted from the Zeeion is negatively charged, thus neutralising the positive charge on the sensor. This makes dust removal easier and actually helps to prevent the re-attraction of dust particles.

The Zeeion from Visible Dust also negates one of the biggest flaws found in other air blowers as it features a one-way valve  in the nozzle, preventing 'dirty' air from beng sucked in and blown back at the sensor. Only "new" air from the back of the Zeeion reaches the sensor after passing through two renewable microscopic filters.

In addition, to ensure that the Zeeion cannot damage the sensor of the camera, it is fitted with a soft cap. The Visible Dust Zeeion is a compact tool which will easily fit into most camera bags and is a low-cost and efficient way to keep debris from spoiling your images.