Nikon Launches AF-P 70-300mm ED VR lens


Nikon unveils a new telephoto: the AF-P 70-300mm ED VR


AF-P NIKKOR 70–300mm ED VR telephoto zoom.



Nikon has unveiled the AF-P 70-300mm ED VR, a full-frame-compatible optic aimed at sports, wildlife and travel photographers. On a DX body, it would provide a 105-450mm equivalent focal range.

This lens has a minimum focus distance of just 1.2m maintained throughout its zoom range, providing a maximum magnification ratio of 0.25x. Fitted with the brand’s Stepping Motor, the optic promises autofocus that is both quick and quiet, while thanks to Vibration Reduction (VR) technology, camera shake in images is minimised.



AF-P NIKKOR 70–300mm ED VR telephoto zoom.



A Sport VR mode has been inherited from Nikon’s Professional lenses, delivering a more stable viewfinder image, something that will be helpful for those shooting exceptionally fast action, or during panning.

While this lens is aimed at enthusiasts it also touts a weather resistant build like the company’s more expensive optics and a nine-blade electromagnetic diaphragm for consistent exposure and natural-looking bokeh.



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