Samsung NV100HD Digital Camera

Samsung NV100HD Digital CameraSleek, stylish and dare we say… sexy? Samsung have done it again with their new digital compact cameras, the NV100HD, introducing a model that looks good, feels good and shoots good. Featuring a considerable amount of megapixels for a compact (14.7 to be precise), a 28mm wide-angle focal length with 3.6x optical zoom and capable of recording video in 720p high definition resolution at 30fps, the Samsung NV100HD is the most advanced point-and-shoot digital camera in Samsung’s history.

The Samsung NV100HD has an all-metal body and comes in Black, Titanium Silver, Silver/Red and Silver/Black. Each colour version lends its own unique air of distinction to the camera, which aesthetically, is one of the most appealing compact cameras on the market. An impressive 3” touch screen HGVA LCD takes pride of place at the rear of the camera, featuring the next generation Smart Touch 2.0 user interface which has been re-engineered to allow you to select your options from the touch screen itself. By incorporating so much of the manual process into the touch screen, Samsung has been able to design a much more fluid looking camera, leaving the inner mechanism to do all the hard work. So, we’ve established that the Samsung NV100 is good to look at and therefore that its outer shell does the job intended, but what about what’s inside?

Samsung NV100HD in four colours

For photography enthusiasts who are looking to explore their creativity, the Samsung NV100HD’s 28mm lens is ideal for taking stunning images of landscapes and large group shots but is also suited to close up work and portraits, using the 3.6x optical zoom. Featuring Dual Image Stabilisation, which combines both Optical Image Stabilisation and Digital Image Stabilisation, the Samsung NV100 helps you take blur-free shots no matter how shaky your hand is.

On top of this, the Samsung NV100HD includes Face Detection technology that can detect up to nine faces and Smile Shot and Blink Detection functionality that recognises when the subject has its eyes open and is smiling, and takes the photo at the right moment.

As mentioned, the Samsung NV100 HD digital compact camera has the ability to shoot video at up to 30 frames per second in 720p high-definition resolution. The movie-stabiliser and in-video optical zoom, as well as Samsung’s Successive Recording mode which allows the user to pause and then resume filming without having to save two individual clips, mean that the Samsung NV100 is great for shooting mini films. The Samsung NV100HD also provides H.264 compression, a codec for high definition video that has become industry standard and yields 3x the recording length of MPEG 4.

You can playback and view your pictures and videos on any HD television by docking it into a Samsung HDMI cradle (sold separately). If your HDTV is a Samsung television, you can even navigate the menu of the Samsung NV100 HD camera via the remote control! You can find a full feature list and further details on the Wex Photographic Samsung NV100 HD page.