Sony HDR-TG7VE Camcorder

Sony TG7VE HandyCam sideSony's new flagship model, the HDR-TG7VE Camcorder, has been making a bit of a buzz on the internet of late so we thought we'd share a few of it's great new features with you.

Unlike a lot of its competitors in the market, the Sony HDR-TG7VE camcorder boasts an impressive internal memory of 16GB, which translates into about 6 hours of full HD recording with stereo sound. This is a solid chunk of recording that will more than suffice the average users needs, however don't be put off if you think you would need more than 6 hours, as you can add a memory stick to the Sony HDR-TG7VE to increase the capacity.

The Sony HDR-TG7VE camcorder has a sleek and compact body, encased in scratch resistant titanium. It will fit into the palm of your hand but despite its small size, it contains some awesome technology. A particularly useful and snazzy feature is its automatic geotagging with GPS and Map Index view. GPS is great if you're taking the Sony HDR-TG7VE on your travels as you can record the details of where you were when you shot the scene, whilst Map Index shows where movie clips and still photos were taken as "map pins" on the LCD screen.

Sony HDR-TG7VE Face Detection & Smile Shutter

In addition to these slightly special attributes, the Sony HDR-TG7VE also comes with Face Detection and Smile Shutter technology. The still shots you can take with this camcorder are 4mp, perfectly respectable for average size photo frames for careful placement around your home. The 120x digital zoom complements the 10x optical zoom, whilst Sony SteadyShot means your video and images are free of annoying camera shake.

Sony HDR TG7VE HandyCamSony HDR TG7VE HandyCam LCD

All in all the Sony HDR-TG7VE camcorder is a cute little package that is ideal for those who want a compact, reliable camcorder that slips easily into a pocket or bag. If you're still undecided then perhaps the clincher will be that the Sony HDR-TG7VE camcorder has a direct HDMI connection, so after you've finished the hard part of shooting the films, you can sit back, relax and share them with your friends and family in the comfort of your own lounge.