The LEE100 filter system | LEE’s most intuitive filter holder yet?


There’s certainly nothing polarising about LEE Filters' new and easy-to-use filter system





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There’s nothing worse than missing the best of a stunning sunset while you wrestle with a fiddly filter holder. Well, it looks like filter faffing could be a thing of the past, because LEE Filters has just announced the LEE100 filter system holder. The holder is crafted from injection-moulded composite materials so you can expect a durable build that’s lightweight too.

As you’d expect, the holder is compatible with all of the manufacturer’s existing 100mm filters and adaptor rings. It’s clear that LEE has focused on the LEE100 filter system’s usability. We’re told it is based on “extensive customer feedback” and that the holder is designed to be both ergonomic and intuitive.

Perhaps the most interesting addition is a new spring-release mechanism, which can be operated one-handed and with ease. The mechanism is controlled via a blue locking dial and can be set to three positions: neutral, half lock and full lock.

Neutral allows the adaptor to rotate freely and keeps the spring release fully operational, so the holder can be removed from the adaptor ring. Half lock disables the spring release, so the holder cannot be removed from the adaptor ring, but still allows for full rotation. Full lock prevents the holder from being rotated or removed.

New modular filter-guide blocks can be configured as one, two or three-slot arrangements and can be removed with the supplied filter-removal tool. Up to three filters can be used with wide-angle lenses, without suffering from vignetting.

LEE has also revealed the LEE100 Polariser. This filter is designed specifically for the new holder – it simply snaps onto its front. An adaptor will also be available for LEE’s existing 105mm Landscape Polariser.

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Too long; didn’t read…

Who’s it for? Anyone who uses LEE’s 100mm filters or who wants to invest in an easy-to-use filter system.

What does it compare to? The LEE100 holder succeeds the company’s Foundation Kit, which has been on the market for a whopping 25 years.

Why should you care? Anything that reduces the time it takes to set up your camera between shots has to be a good thing.

What do we think? A good filter holder should operate seamlessly and during the small amount of time we got to use the LEE100, we were able to swap between filters with ease.


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