WexShorts Short Film Competition | The Shortlist 'Sustainability'


It’s time to announce the WexShorts shortlist. Here are the top five films, vying to win that £1,000 prize



We’ve whittled down the many fantastic WexShorts entries into a shortlist of just five short films and will be announcing the overall winner on Friday 27.

But before you enjoy those shortlisted entries, we’d like to thank each and every filmmaker who entered Wex Photo Video’s very first short film competition. We’ve been overwhelmed by both the number and quality of entries, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching each and every submission too.

If you’ve only just joined us, the theme for this competition was sustainability. As the human population rises beyond seven billion, sustainability has never been more important and we wanted you to convey that importance through the power of filmmaking.

So, without further ado, here’s the shortlist…


Film 1 - Heroica Coffee 

Filmmaker: Global Fire Creative



Film 2 - The LitterPicker

Filmmaker: Samuel Thomson



Film 3 - DAY ZERO

Filmmaker: Jamie Hancock



Film 4 - Ancestors 

Filmmaker: Scott Tanner



Film 5 - Wear and Share

Filmmaker: Mark Pirrie


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