Benbo Trekker Mk 3 Tripod - Great legs!

Forgive the sexist cliché! But I thought I’d start off with a compliment to the Benbo Trekker Tripod.

I’ve used this tripod before in it’s old form and loved it then. Now the Trekker has had a bit of a ‘spruce-up’. Improved build quality in it’s legs now gives smoother operation of the main locking joint. The improved legs also mean the tripod can pack-up to an even more compact size.

Very helpfully, there is a centrally located hook which allows you to suspend a weight of some form or other, stones in a net bag or your camera bag, to give the tripod much greater stability. Having just come back from shooting some landscapes on a very windy Dartmoor this was much appreciated!

With a small tripod such as this there is always an element of compromise. In the past I have lugged large tripods halfway up mountains to set my 5x4 field camera on, but these days are numbered and my back is thankful for it. With the Trekker, it’s weight, adaptability and compactness is a huge bonus when I’m already well laden-down with all my other odds and ends.

Now, back to those great legs. They are full adjustable and I find the ‘twist-grip’ much easier to use than other sorts of mechanism where you have to ‘flip-up’ the release to adjust the legs, especially difficult when hands are cold, or the tripod has been dropped in salt water and the joints are a bit ‘sticky’.

The Trekker allows you to position your camera at almost ground level should you wish too; there have been times when I’ve been out shooting and wanted that really low camera angle and been unable to achieve it with other tripods and have ended up trying to balance my camera on a nicely constructed low pile of stones! Achievable, but not desirable. The Trekker allows the central column to rotate through a full 180 degrees.

And what about that unique Benbo central jointing system. I remember the first time I used it. I couldn't get the hang of it at all; the legs seemed to have a mind of their own! But having mastered it, which really doesn't take long, I understood the wisdom of it. It allows you total control over your tripod set-up and gives you the stability and camera set-up you want in even the most unusual of circumstances.

I can highly recommend this tripod for almost every situation that you might find yourself in as a photographer.

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