Honl Flashgun Accessory Kit Review

The Honl flashgun accessory system is based around the simply designed easy to use Speed Strap. This little device has no sticky, messy glues and leaves your flashgun in perfect condition after use. The Speed Strap is kept in place by friction between the non-slip rubber material on the inside of the strap and the Speedlight casing. Every now and then I come across something I wish I’d designed and this is one of those items. The Honl Speed Strap is brilliantly simple and simply brilliant. It attaches to any Speedlite or Speedlight (Canon and Nikon respectively) in a matter of seconds to make it ready to accept any one of the light modifiers or shaping tools in the kit.

Honl Flashgun Accessory Kit Contents

Honl Starter Kit Mark IIHonl Starter Kit Mark II

The full Honl Starter Kit Mark II is available at Wex Photographic.

Colour Correction Filter Kit

Colour Correction Filter KitThe Colour Correction Filter Kit is made up of a series of filters that provide a colour shift along the mired curve to simulate the colour temperature shift of yellow tungsten lighting right through to a deep blue of dusk lighting. There are also some green shift filters for use when balancing your flash to match the output of mercury vapour lighting, the type often found in garage forecourts and factories etc. These filters offer many creative possibilities for picture making. When used in conjunction with your camera’s selectable white balance controls, the colour correction filters enable you to match your flash to the ambient light or to emulate naturally occurring light types. You can create the appearance of light from a setting sun or the cool blue of moonlight or even just have fun and do both in the same shot.

Colour Effects Filter Kit

Colour Effects Filter KitThe Colour Effects Filter Kit contains vivid coloured gels often associated with theatre or stage productions. There is no getting away from the fact that they are punchy and will create a dramatic effect on your pictures. I love using these colours to light grey backgrounds in my studio or to light portrait backgrounds on location. The opportunities are varied and only limited by your imagination.

Speed Gobo

Speed GoboThe Speed Gobo is perhaps one of the most useful of all the accessories. It is small and comes into its own when used as a flare buster to stop spill light from a back-light or kick-light causing flare in a shot. In this instance it becomes a shot saver rather than a light modifier but flip it over and the white side becomes an instant bounce board. The Speed Gobo is small, rigid, double sided and indispensable in my camera bag.

Speed Snoot / Reflectors

Speed SnootThe 5 & 8 inch Speed Snoot / Reflectors are great tools to quickly create a pool of light with a fairly soft edge to the fall off. They can be used to reduce flare from kick-lights and when partly opened up they can be used as a bounce board. I keep one of each size or the Speed Snoot inside the back flap of my camera bag at all times.

Speed Grids

Speed GridsThe Speed Grids are key tools in the Honl system. They are chunky, robust and create hard-edged circular pools of light. I’ve tried making devices like these using cocktail straws and glue but I don’t know why I bothered. These grids are so easy to use, look smart and do a professional job. The 1/8th inch grid produces a smaller tighter harder edged spot of light than the 1/4 inch version.

I loved experimenting and creating pictures with the Honl Starter Kit Mark II. I suggest you get your flash units off the camera and onto stands in order to make the most of these wonderful Honl flashgun accessories.


  • Creative Stimulation: 10/10
  • Build Quality: 9/10
  • Value: 9/10
  • Overall Rating: 4.5