Content Aware Fill - a Photoshop miracle!

Never heard of "Content Aware Fill" before? Don't worry - until a short while ago, neither had I.

Put simply, it's a new manipulation tool that was first introduced with Abobe's Photoshop CS5 amid much hype and excitement, and is now available in a slightly different form in the stripped-down Photoshop Elements 9. It works along similar lines to the "Spot healing brush" tool, only on a much, much bigger scale. If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video must equate to an entire library. With that in mind, Adobe created a sneak-peek video to show off exactly what this new tool can do. If you're not already familiar with the "Content Aware Fill" tool and aren't blown away by this video, then there's something clearly wrong with you...

Although extremely impressive, this in no way means that the limit has been reached in terms of what future versions of Photoshop might offer. One particularly forward thinking/cynical Photoshop enthusiast posted a follow-up video to Adobe's original "Content Aware Fill" demonstration. Accompanied by the slogan "Adobe Photoshop again proving? that everything you see is probably a lie", this is a very much tongue-in-cheek look at the ever increasing ease of digital manipulation. Genius.