Seven Deadly Sins of Photography

We all fall into bad photography habits but some gaffes are just unforgiveable. Hopefully we’re all past snapping pics with a finger on the lens or forgetting to insert a memory card, so here are the remaining mistakes to avoid: The Seven Deadly Sins of Photography.


I don’t mean Photoshop liposuction (although that’s wrong too); we’re talking about dubious cropping which excludes your subject’s hands or feet at the most inconvenient point. You know – wedding photos that are ‘99/100th' length portraits rather than the classic three-quarter length. Conveniently just enough to exclude the Bride’s shoes, which took longer to choose than the photos took to edit...

Lens. Cap. Still. On.

This can be a laughing matter between you and your subjects in a casual setting, but the embarrassment is almost unbearable in a professional context. I know. Whilst assisting a pro photographer at charity ball a few years ago, a couple requested at photo. I jumped up from the portable printing setup, posed the couple, and looked down the viewfinder... the rest is history!

"Damn I left the lens cap on" by royksuk

Damn I left the Lens Cap On by Royksuk


Not Owning a 50mm Lens

50mm lenses are perfect for improving your photography skills, so not owning one is definitely a photographic sin. Luckily the remedy is affordable, 50mm lens prices start around £90, making it a great second lens to compliment an 18-55mm kit lens. Read more in our celebration post about the nifty-fifty: The 50mm Lens.

Poor Weather = No Photos

Just because the skies aren’t pristine blue doesn’t mean a day without photography. If it’s an overcast day, make it a black & white photo day. Another advantage of overcast days is the reduced contrast, unlike bright midday conditions which lead to blown highlights or murky shadows. Just think of the cloudy sky as your giant personal diffuser for portraits!

Stanley Park by striatic ©

Stanley Park by striatic ©


Salinas Grandes by Diegosaurius Rex ©

Salinas Grandes by Diegosaurius Rex ©


The Five Hour Slideshow

Force feeding your friends, family and colleagues hundreds of holiday photos or creative images is a sure fire way to bore the socks off them! Only show the best of the best, your audience will appreciate it and your photography will (appear to) suddenly improve ;)

Photoshop Mentality

Photo-editing software is great; curve adjustments, dodging, burning and many other tools help you overcome the deficiencies of digital capture – but they shouldn’t be the default. Remember to use filters & straighten your horizons, as featured in our Super Landscape Photography Tips.

Never Getting Prints!

A beautiful print is becoming a rare species for many photographers. Our images are viewed on screens, digital frames and TVs, but holding a print in-hand or seeing your work framed on the wall is infinitely more satisfying. Get your hands on an A4 / A3 photo printer or login to an online print provider and get printing!

Confessions of a Photographer

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