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Bouncelite Venue

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If you value finesse over raw power, creativity and colour over blazing intensity; the Bouncelite could be the tool for you. Designed by a photographer, for photographers, the Bouncelite is hard wearing, multi-purpose, and - crucially - won't fall off! The Bouncelite combines several tools in one: The body acts as a mini-softbox and the front diffuser screen further softens the light. If you need a brighter image, the top Bounce Door can be opened in order to emit and control more light. Inserting a filter cassette and filter allows even further light modification and tuning. The Venue kit includes the Bouncelite, a neoprene case, a set of mounting pads, two filter cassettes, a filter wallet and a set of six CT gels.

Demonstration video

BounceLite has been in development for two years. It is an innovative flash modifier designed to revolutionise the way you use your flash! The BounceLite is compact in size and made from industry standard ABS, which helps blend in with the rest of the camera kit. The innovation lies in the multi-functional capability.

Key Features:

  • Diffusion - BounceLite is a mini-soft box. The white internal reflector working with the opaque front lens help soften the harsh light source. With the modern high ISO cameras, it’s all about quality not intensity of the light.
  • Bounce Light - When you need to throw more light towards the subject, or bounce it off a large surface like a ceiling or wall, simply open the Bounce door at any angle you wish.
  • Filtration - You can use filters by simply inserting a cassette. Normally this ability is far from practical and some photographers instead rely on correction with post production software.
  • Mounting - The rubber bungee offers high levels of grip and stability ensuring that BounceLite stays on the flash, even in crowded scenarios.
  • Weight - The whole unit weighs only 250g!

The Bouncelite boasts an in-built filter system, a secure rubber mounting strap (which fits most models of flash heads), ABS plastic casing, a mini softbox and - vitally - a fully adjustable ‘Bounce door’, which acts as a white card to control the amount of light spill contained within the all-black casing.

So, what makes the Bouncelite so unique? The most obvious place to start is with the Bounce door. The unit itself is designed to minimise light spillage so that flash is funnelled to and controlled by the outlet, which is the door. This can fire light accurately at surfaces, seep it out evenly, close it off entirely or anything else desired by the photographer. When mounted on a tilt and rotate type of flashgun, the angles and subsequent possibilities are immense. The professional verdict is that it works and “considerably” softens flash.

Aside from carefully designing the aesthetic aspect, Bouncelite has been painstakingly constructed for durability, fast mounting and ease of use. While it offers the photographer portable and effective control over light, it also maintains multiple functions that would render the possession of three or four other diffusers as useless. You can pack less and shoot more. The quick-changing filter system allows the photographer to shoot spontaneously and to colour correct the lighting balance in challenging venue conditions while running and gunning.

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Product Specification

Colour Black
For Use With Most flashguns
Included Accessories Bouncelite, neoprene case, mounting pads, 2 filter cassettes, filter wallet, 6 CT gels
Size (mm) 88x137x109mm
Type Flashgun diffuser, deflector and filter holder
Weight (g) 250
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