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B+W 43mm MRC Nano XS-Pro Digital 010 UV-Haze Filter

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1x B+W 43mm MRC Nano XS-Pro Digital 010 UV-Haze Filter Sorry, there are no more available.

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Manufactured in Germany by Schneider Optics, B+W's MRC multi-coated filters are designed to repel water and dirt, reduce reflected light (useful for wildlife photographers) and are highly scratch resistant - a desirous trait in lens protecting filters such as these. This UV-Haze filter blocks the ultraviolet wavelengths of light which may otherwise cause a blue hazing on photographs taken on bright days or at altitude. Such filters are often left in place permanently, protecting the front lens element from grime and scrapes. After all: A scratched filter is easier to replace than a scratched lens. The XS-Pro Digital mount's narrow design reduces vignetting and has a front thread for additional accessories such as lens caps or hoods. XS-Pro Digital mounts are made of brass, with a matte black anti-reflective coating. Back to top

Product Specification

Effect / Type UV
Thread size (mm) 43
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Product Code: 1573665-wex Manufacturers Part Number: BW1073879