While Canon remain one of the industry stalwarts, it was traditionally their DSLRs that grabbed the headlines for photographic quality, with their M5 and M50 mirrorless CSCs only really catering to the consumer market. That was until 2018 when they released their first high-end full-frame CSC in the Canon EOS R. Spec-wise, the camera was pretty similar to their popular 5D Mark IV DSLR, but in the desirable compact system form factor.

The EOS RP soon followed in 2019, further bridging the gap between their DSLR and CSC line-ups, with improved image quality, autofocus responsivity, and low light performance.

Which brings us to 2023 with the release of the outstanding EOS R50 and EOS R8. Two new cameras which have rasied the bar yet again and set a new standard for mirrorless cameras.

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Canon mirrorless cameras at a glance