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Cokin Nuances ND 32 Filter - Medium

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Cokin’s Nuances neutral density filter series is innovatively engineered to give you greater control of the exposure of your image. The ND32 filter utilises a new nano coating process to offer 5-stops of uniform density and balanced light restriction. Made with high transmittance tempered glass, the Nuances ND32 is stackable without any colour cast.

Key Features: Cokin P Nuances ND32 filter

  • Innovatively designed: New nano coating process ensures stunning neutrality
  • Strong and durable: Made with highly resistant tempered glass
  • Designed to fit Cokin's CREATIVE filter holders: From M to XL sizes (check individual filter sizes)


  • Density: 1.5
  • F-stops: 5
  • Transmission %: 3.13
  • Base (1/1000s): 1/30s
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Product Specification

Series Nuance
Size (mm) P
effects Neutral Density
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