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Cokin U960 Pro ND-Grad Filter Kit

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This Cokin filter kit includes a filter holder, Grad Grey ND2 (121L Light), Grad Grey ND4 (121M Medium) and Grad Grey ND8 (121S Soft) filters. These gradual neutral grey filters reduce the total amount of light reaching the film without affecting the colour balance. Each filter is clear at the bottom half with a gradual transition of the ND effect in the top half of the filter. They produce a grey neutral tone and are used to reduce light, enabling more control over the exposure and depth of field. For example, when photographing landscapes in which the sky is much brighter than the foreground, placing the neutral density part of the filter onto the sky in the frame will reduce the sky exposure without affecting the foreground. This kit is recommended for focal lengths from 20mm onwards (35mm format) and anything wider than 20mm will show the edge of your holder in the frame. Note: No adapter rings are included and are available separately.

The Cokin U960 Pro ND-Grad Filter Kit

The Cokin U960 Pro ND-Grad Filter Kit contains: a Filter holder, Grad Grey ND2 (121L Light), Grad Grey ND4 (121M Medium) and Grad Grey ND8 (121S Soft) filters. In order fit the holder onto your lens you will need to buy an adatper ring (not included) to match the diameter of your lens.

The Cokin Z-Pro Series are specially adapted to 100mm (4") filters and designed for medium format cameras as well as wide-angle lenses. Recommended for focal lengths from 20mm onwards (35mm format) & for lenses up to 96mm. This series is also well adapted to prosumer and professional video cameras.

Choosing the right size

There are 4 different sizes of filters to choose from: A series / P series / Z-Pro professional series and X-Pro professional series.

Different Cokin filter sizes

The Cokin size chart

choosing the right Cokin filter system for you

How the Cokin System works

The Cokin Creative Filter System consists of three main components: A filter holder / Adapter ring and a Filter.

1. Screw the adapter ring onto your lens.

2. Slide the filter holder on the adapter ring until it snaps in place. The filter holder is now solidly attached to the lens, yet it can rotate both left and right.

3. Slide the filter into one of the filter holder slots. The one closest to the filter holder housing is the narrowest; it allows the use of round filters with notched edges (polarizer, star filters..). The two central slots are intended for square filters. The outer slot can be used either for an additional filter or for a coupling ring.

The Cokin System

What are Cokin filters made from?

CR-39 Organic Glass: All Cokin filters are manufactured from CR-39 organic glass - originally launched for the vision lens industry, CR-39 organic glass boasts several major features:

  • Extra lightweight
  • Highly resistant to shocks, meaning that photographers, videographers and cameramen can handle the filters in complete confidence and safety
  • Excellent optical transmission and high compatibility to colouring, making Cokin filters the proven choice of photographers worldwide

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Product Specification

Series Cokin Z
Size (mm) 100 x 150 mm
effects Kit
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