Colorama Paper Weight and Cutting Edge (For 2.72m wide paper)
Product Code: 1026771

Colorama Paper Weight and Cutting Edge (For 2.72m wide paper)

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Colorama's Paper Weight and Cutting Edge is a dual purpose device that not only keeps your backgrounds taut and straight, but also provides an easy way to rip off unwanted paper without tearing the paper you do want and leaves you with a neat edge. The Colorama Paper Edge is ideal for busy photographers who want to avoid the hassle of constantly repositioning wayward backgrounds. A fuss-free device that avoids wastage and keeps your background neat and tidy.

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Any photographer who uses rolls of background paper for seamless floor to background shots will know that after a while, the edge that reaches the floor becomes tatty and is unusable. Often, ripping off that tatty edge causes its own problems, as you can be left with an uneven edge with curling corners, and more often than not, you will have accidentally ripped into ‘good’ areas of the paper as well, resulting in unnecessary waste.

The Colorama Paper Weight and Cutting Edge solves these problems. The two piece metal strip clamps onto the end of the paper roll keeping your hanging background taut and straight and preventing it from becoming quite as scuffed as it would if it were in direct contact with the floor. When you need to tear off any marked areas, you can place the Colorama Paper Edge above the dirty or damaged area and tear off the old paper without wasting any of the useable part. The Colorama Paper Edge leaves a neat free edge that is protected and far easier to position than a curled or ragged end.

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Product Specification

Colour Silver
Size (mm) 2.72m
Type Paper Roll Weight
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Product Code: 1026771-wex Manufacturers Part Number: LL COCUT9 Got a question? Get it answered...