ColorRight Pro Portrait
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ColorRight Pro Portrait

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The ColorRight Pro Portrait custom white balance tool comes in handy when you're looking for accurate white balance, yet still want a little warmth to your photos. Best of all, it takes just 15 seconds or less! With ColorRight you'll be able to shoot pictures with perfect colour balance using just one easy-to-use tool, once. Whether you're just a casual hobbyist, or a full blown professional, a ColorRight white balance tool has a place in your camera bag. Perfect for beginners and veterans alike!

ColorRight Pro main features

  • Portrait Edition. With the ColorRight Classic Portrait Edition white balance filter, you get all the benefits from the original ColorRight Classic, however you'll be getting results with a slightly warmer touch, making it best for portrait shots and situations where warmer lighting would be more appropriate.
  • Works with pop-up flashand external hot shoe mount flashes - the only tool of its kind that works simply and easily with flash.
  • Gathers light from multiple angles ensuring you are getting the whole colour picture.
  • Guaranteed to be spectrally neutral to a very tight tolerance.
  • Easy to use. Simply point toward your subject. Most colour aids insist you measure the light at the subject location- which requires a lot more time and effort.
  • Universal Size. The ColorRight Classic is a one-size-fits-all kind of colour correction tool. This means no need to buy multiple products for all your different lenses, also eliminating unnecessary clutter in your camera bag in the process.
  • Transmits more light than the nearest competitor. This means you probably won't ever see the dreaded "no good" reading on your LCD when shooting in low light.

How ColorRight works

  1. Set Manual Focus. Make sure the Auto Focus on your camera is off.
  2. Hold ColorRight over lens. Make sure the Auto Focus on your camera is off!
  3. Set Custom White Balance. Press menu and navigate to custom white balance and select the photo you just snapped to calibrate the white balance.
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Product Code: 1525223-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 165-0543