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Gitzo GH3780QD Series 3 QD Centre Ball Head

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The Gitzo GH3780QD Series 3 QD Centre Ball Head is a balanced, versatile and fast head with strong locking actions and smooth framing movements. The hybrid quick release system fits both Arca-Swiss style plates and traditional Gitzo C-Profile plates, making it practical for photographers who already own and use the Gitzo C-profile plates as standard. The plate can be snapped into the head from above, which is quicker and easier than trying to slide it in from the side. To use the Gitzo C-profile plates simply remove the adapter from the clamp. The GH3780QD ball head features a maximum load of 21,000g (21kg), a weight of 850g (0.85kg), a working height of 13.5cm and a built-in spirit level to ensure the horizon is level for landscape and panoramic work. The GH3780QD ball head is ideal for all types of photography, especially sports and wildlife. The centre ball heads are available in three sizes: Series 1, 2 and 3.

The Key Features

  • Series 3 - Offers the heaviest maximum load and is the largest out of the series
  • Maximum Load: 21,000 grams (21kg)
  • Weight: 850g (0.85kg)
  • Quick Release: Yes - GS5370D plate type
  • Panoramic Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Lateral tilt: +100° / -16° tilt range
  • Ball Friction Setting: Yes
  • Independent Pan Lock: Yes

The NEW Quick Release System: compatible with Arca-Swiss plates, is being introduced in many of Gitzo’s heads, Traveler tripod kits, and accessories. With the new system, the camera/plate can be snapped into the head from above, which is faster and easier than trying to slide it in from the side. When a Gitzo plate is used, the quick release system’s secondary safety pin will also engage to prevent camera equipment from falling accidentally from the head, even if the plate locking lever is not fully locked. Gitzo’s D-profile (Arca-Swiss style) plates also feature our new camera screw design; to make it as easy as possible to use, no matter where you are and what tools you have to hand, the screw can be tightened by hand, using a coin or with the supplied allen key.The hybrid system, featured in this model, fits both Arca-Swiss style plates and traditional Gitzo C-profile plates, making it especially useful for photographers who already own and use our C-profile plates as standard. To accept Gitzo C-profile plates, the adaptor is simply removed from the clamp.

The benefits of the QR System

Easier and safer during set-up and changeovers
Camera/plate can be snapped in from above
Safety pin prevents accidental falling (Gitzo plates only)

Convenient camera screw design
The screw can be tightened by hand, coin, or allen key

Hybrid system (not in all models)
Supplied with Gitzo’s Arca-Swiss style plate, fits Arca-Swiss plates and most manufacturers’ compatible plates
Fits Gitzo’s traditional C-profile plates

More features

Spring assisted double lock: The new center SADL (Spring Assisted Double Lock) is a patent pending system that combines two locking systems in one, that maximizes both locking power and ball smoothness. A high friction metal guarantees a high efficiency lock, the PTFE bushing controlled by a pre-loaded spring maximises smoothness and control.

Separate pan control: When using a ball head, the ability to lock and unlock the panoramic movement independent of front-back or lateral tilt movements is convenient for panoramic photography and when a high level of control is required.

Bubble ball: Gitzo has now developed a new exclusive technology that enables us to produce high quality, completely round hollow spheres, with a ultra thin wall, for an incredible weight reduction. Gitzo Bubble Ball also features a perfected PTFE treatment that further reduces the surface micro roughness for the ultimate shooting experience and accuracy.

Magnesium: In 1996 Gitzo was the first to use Magnesium in camera supports. Magnesium comes in different grades and Gitzoonly uses material of the highest grade quality. It offers significant weight savings being 30% lighter than aluminum.In our magnesium casting every functional bolt and screw works on threads reinforced by high quality steel inserts for a lifetime performance.

PTFE - Smooth as silk: PTFE is a special treatment that generates a unique ultra smooth surface and dramatically reduces friction between moving parts. This treatment bonds strongly with metal surfaces and ensures long-lasting performance. PTFE is one of the lowest-friction materials known to science, with the same friction coefficient as melting ice. This treatment is now applied not only to ball heads, but also to plates, video bowls and other sliding parts for smooth, precise and fine movements.

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Product Specification

Weight (g) 850
attachmentthreads 3/8 inch female
Head type Ball Head
Height 13.5
Max Load 21000
mountthreads 1/4 inch male
Quick release plate Yes
Spirit level Yes
Manufacturer Link Gitzo
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