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Gitzo GS3750DQD Series 3 QD Panoramic Disk

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The Gitzo GS3750DQD Series 3 QD Panoramic Disk is a useful accessory that can be attached on top of a Gitzo Systematic Levelling Base, or on top of or underneath another head that doesn't have its own independent panning axis. The 3/8” thread and the included ¼”-3/8” screw adapter allows the disc to be attached to various tripods, head, and other supports. The Panoramic Disk comes with an Arca-style quick release plate (GS5370D).

Key Features: Gitzo GS3750DQD Series 3 QD Panoramic Disk

The NEW Quick Release System: compatible with Arca-Swiss plates, is being introduced in many of Gitzo’s heads, Traveler tripod kits, and accessories. With the new system, the camera/plate can be snapped into the head from above, which is faster and easier than trying to slide it in from the side. When a Gitzo plate is used, the quick release system’s secondary safety pin will also engage to prevent camera equipment from falling accidentally from the head, even if the plate locking lever is not fully locked. Gitzo’s D-profile (Arca-Swiss style) plates also feature our new camera screw design; to make it as easy as possible to use, no matter where you are and what tools you have to hand, the screw can be tightened by hand, using a coin or with the supplied allen key.The hybrid system, featured in this model, fits both Arca-Swiss style plates and traditional Gitzo C-profile plates, making it especially useful for photographers who already own and use our C-profile plates as standard. To accept Gitzo C-profile plates, the adaptor is simply removed from the clamp.

The benefits of the QR System

Easier and safer during set-up and changeovers
Camera/plate can be snapped in from above
Safety pin prevents accidental falling (Gitzo plates only)

Convenient camera screw design
The screw can be tightened by hand, coin, or allen key

Hybrid system (not in all models)
Supplied with Gitzo’s Arca-Swiss style plate, fits Arca-Swiss plates and most manufacturers’ compatible plates
Fits Gitzo’s traditional C-profile plates

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Product Specification

Attachment Thread 3/4 inch + 1/4 inch Female
Head Type Panoramic
Height (cm) 42.5
Maximum Load (grams) 12000
Mount Thread 1/4 inch male
Weight (g) 500
Manufacturer Link Gitzo
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