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Hahnel Giga T Pro II Remote Control - Nikon

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The Hahnel Giga T Pro is a combined wireless and timer controlled remote shutter release. It is ideal for a wide variety of photographic uses that require timed or contact-free shutter release, including wildlife, long exposure, astral, studio and time-lapse photography. Designed for use with Nikon DSLR's this version includes interchangeable connectors for use with the different models.

Giga T Pro II Remote Control main features

  • Timed sequence fully programmable including selftimer, delay, interval timer, exposure count and exposure length setting
  • Shutter release button with autofocus, single & continuous shooting, bulb mode and self timer
  • Can also be used as cable shutter release
  • Wireless control with more than 100m range
  • Through wall transmission
  • High-tech, reliable wireless FSK 2.4GHz frequency, license free transmission worldwide.
  • LCD display with back lighting
  • Channel selector for individual control of multiple cameras
  • Interchangeable connectors for different camera models

Compatible with:
Nikon P7700/ P7800/ D1/ D100/ D200/ D2H/ D2HS/ D2X/ D2Xs / D3/ D300/ D300S/ D3100/ D3200/ D3300/ D3S/ D3x/ D4/ D5000/ D5100/ D5200/ D5300/ D600/ D610/ D70/ D700/ D7000/ D70s/ D70s/ D7100/ D80/ D800/ D800E/ D90/ DI (H)/ DI (X)/ Df

Hähnel Giga T Pro II - How-to instructional video

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Product Specification

For Use With Nikon DSLRs with plug in remote control option
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