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Hitech 150x150mm (6x6 inch) IRND Prostop 1 Stop (0.3)

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The Hitech 150x150mm (6x6 inch) IRND Prostop 1 Stop (0.3) filter produces a grey neutral effect and is used to reduce light in photography, enabling more control over exposure and depth of field without affecting colour balance or contrast. The filter is made from the highest quality 1.5mm optical resin and is designed to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor by 1 f/stop, allowing you to get creative with long exposures. The effects created by using a slower shutter speed is motion blur on anything that moves such as clouds, waterfalls, people, cars, and water. The Hitech IRND filters are an excellent choice for both photographers and cinematographers who want to create long exposures or a cinematic look and reduce IR contamination at the same time. This 150mm x 150mm filter is for use with the Lee 150mm holder system or similar 150mm holders.

The Key Features

  • Reduces light by 1 f/stop
  • Perfect for creating shallow depth of field or lengthening exposure times
  • Great for landscape photographers who want to experiment with taking long exposures
  • The ideal choice for cinematographers needing a matching set of ND with IR protection
  • Fits the Lee 150mm holder system (not included)
  • Resin ProStop IRND filters are 1.5mm thick while the glass filters are 4mm thick
  • High scratch resistance, low material fatigue, and chamfered corners to resist breakage so the filter will provide years of service
  • Made in the UK using the world's most advanced, computer-controlled filter manufacturing technologies

Introducing the new ProStop IRND from Formatt-Hitech. ProStop, the world’s best selling high density ND filter, has been optimized for digital sensors and reformulated with a nearly flat attenuation of both visible spectrum light and infrared light. This means it’s the world’s most neutral ND filter, especially at higher densities where other brands suffer from colorcast.
When measured on a spectrograph, ProStop IRND’s performance is literally off the charts. The attenuation of light between the visible, near-infrared, and infrared spectrums is even. This means that dark areas of your image are rendered with crisp clean blacks, giving you the absolute maximum performance from your high-native ISO digital sensors. The greater reduction in colorcast also means that photographers and cinematographers can use calibrated sets of filters, and switch between filter densities without disrupting the color balance, and consequently the overall look, of the project.
To ensure that ProStop IRND is the ideal IRND solution for both photographers and cinematographers, ProStop is available in both Resin and Glass. The ProStop IRND is an excellent choice for fine art photographers creating long exposures. The ProStop IRND is also a terrific choice for filmmakers who want create a cinematic look and reduce IR contamination at the same time.

Why ProStop IRND?
Unlike film, today’s digital sensors are adversely affected by light outside of the visible spectrum - especially when using higher density ND filters. Infrared contamination causes black areas of the image to appear various shades of brown and purple. For extremely dark attenuation (16 stops for example used in fine art) infrared contamination will brighten the foliage to the point that the images appear as if they were taken with Infrared Film. The ProStop IRND filter is designed to eliminate the infrared contamination, increasing the quality and contrast of your images and allows you to shoot wide open during daytime with high sensitivity sensors with beautiful results. Images have been created with 6 minute exposures that have zero color shift! ProStop IRNDs are formulated to work with all popular digital cameras without the need for choosing a filter with IR filtration at one specific nanometer cutoff. This is due to the extremely even attenuation across the infrared spectrum. Formatt-Hitech IRND filters are available in Resin between 1-10 stops of attenuation and Glass between 1-8 stops of attenuation.

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Product Specification

Series Hitech IRND Prostop
Size (mm) 150 x 150 mm
effects Neutral Density
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