Hoya 52mm UV + IR Cut Filter
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Hoya 52mm UV + IR Cut Filter

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The Hoya 52mm UV + IR Cut Filter is a new type of filter from Hoya in 49mm through 82mm sizes. This specialised filter has the ability to cut out both UV rays (below 390nm) and IR rays (above 700mn), leaving just the light rays in the visible spectrum passing through the filters and into the camera. This is important because CCD and CMOS sensors are extremely susceptible to UV and IR rays just outside the visible spectrum that have a very negative impact on image quality. The Hoya 52mm UV & IR Cut filter blocks both UV rays and IR rays yielding clearer and sharper pictures outdoors. This filter can reduce the effects of atmospheric haze to an even greater degree than a standard UV filter.

Features of the Hoya 52mm UV + IR Cut Filter

  • Helps generate higher quality images with clearer and sharper definition
  • Transmits only light in the visible spectrum
  • Blocks UV rays below 390nm
  • Blocks Infra-Red (IR) rays above 700nm
  • Available in sizes from 49mm to 82mm diameter
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Product Specification

Effect / Type UV
Thread size (mm) 52
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Product Code: 1532787-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 024066054371