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Interfit Strobies ProFlash TLI-Canon eTTL Flashgun

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A technically advanced flashgun, powered by an interchangeable lithium ion battery pack - rather than all-too-short-lived AA batteries - the TLi is jammed full of features and boasts a 1.5 second full-power recycle time with a Guide Number of 58. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Canon E-TTL systems, flash exposure bracketing, flash exposure compensation and flash exposure lock, the TLi-C is also fully compatible with the Canon 600EX-RT and 580EX-II as Master or Slave flash, in addition to the Interfit Pro-Flash remote system.

Product Highlights:

Compatible Cameras
Canon EOS cameras with E-TTLII auto flash capabilities, such as the 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, 6D, 7D, 60D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 650D, 600D, 550D, 450D, 400D Digital, 1100D and 1000D.

Compatible Speedlights (For use as wireless Master or Slave flash)
600EX-RT, 580EXII.

Exposure Control System
Manual: The Pro-Flash TLi-C features an 8-stop range from 1/1 to 1/128 power and is adjustable by 1/3rd-stop increments.

TTL: The Pro-Flash TLi-C is designed to work flawlessly with the latest Canon DSLR cameras and flashes, featuring TTL functionality that is compatible with Canon’s E-TTL (Evaluative Through The Lens metering) system. This system sends out a series of low-frequency pre-flashes that evaluate the ambient light and communicate that information back to the camera. Based on that information and the camera settings, the TLi-C is able to emit the appropriate amount of light to perfectly expose your subject.

Flash Exposure Compensation: The Pro-Flash TLi-C’s Flash Exposure Compensation allows the users to alter the amount of light emitted from the TTL flash for greater creative control. Flash exposure can be adjusted in 1/3rd-stop increments up to +/- 3 stops from the pre-determined TTL exposure.

Flash Exposure Bracketing: The Pro-Flash TLi-C’s Flash Exposure Bracketing function allows users to take three exposures in succession with three different flash exposures. Much like bracketing in camera except in the flash. The flash will emit the pre-determined TTL flash, a flash that is underexposed and a flash that is overexposed. Exposure values are set by the user and can be adjusted in 1/3rd-stop increments up to +/- 3 stops from the pre-determined TTL exposure.

Flash Exposure Lock: The Pro-Flash TLi-C’s Flash Exposure Lock allows users to set TTL flash exposure on one part of the frame and set focus on another.

Multi-Flash (Stroboscopic): The Multi-Flash, or Stroboscopic, function emits a rapid series of flashes in a single long exposure. This function can be used to capture multiple images of a moving subject in a single photograph. Flash frequency, the number of flashes, and the light output can all be set manually.

Zoom: The Pro-Flash TLi-C flash coverage can be set automatically or manually. The zoom ranges from 24mm to 105mm, with the wide-angle panel increasing the flash coverage to 14mm to facilitate wide-angle shooting.

Sync Modes
First Curtain Sync: First Curtain Sync is the conventional flash sync mode, with the flash firing with the shutters’ first curtain. The Pro-Flash TLi-C will default to this setting.

Second Curtain Sync: Second Curtain Sync mode tells the flash to fire at the end of the exposure when the camera shutters’ second curtain begins to move. When used with a slow shutter speed, Second Curtain Sync can create a light train following the subject.

High Speed Sync: Conventional shutter speeds limit flash use to shutter speeds below 1/250th of a second. The Pro-Flash TLi-C’s High Speed Sync mode enables the flash to synchronize with all camera shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second.

Wireless Flash
Function: The Pro-Flash TLi-C can function as either a master or a slave flash. As a master flash, the TLi-C can control other TLi-C speedlights, as well as other Canon Speedlites (600EX-RT, 580EXII). Users are able to adjust the flash output of the slave flashes from the master flash, and can be used in either TTL or Manual mode.

Controllable Slave Groups: The Pro-Flash TLi-C allows you to work with up to three different slave groups (A,B,C), giving you the ability to set the power and function of these groups independently of the other groups.

Channels: There are four different channels on which to operate (1,2,3,4), giving users the freedom to work in close proximity with other photographers without interfering.

Transmission Range: The optical wireless transmission range depends on the environment. When shooting indoors, the Pro-Flash TLi-C can transmit approximately 12 to 15 meters (39.4 to 49.2’). Outdoors, the transmission range is limited to approximately 8 to 10 meters (26.2 to 32.8’).

Modelling Flash: The Pro-Flash TLi-C’s modelling flash allows you to see where the light will fall on your subjects much like a modelling light on a studio strobe. If your camera has a depth-of-field preview button, pressing it will fire the flash continuously for one second.

Auto Focus Assist: When shooting in poorly-lit or low-contrast environments, the Pro-Flash TLi-C’s auto focus assist beam will automatically turn on to make focusing easier. The beam will shut off once focus is achieved.

Hotshoe: The Pro-Flash TLi-C can be triggered via the hotshoe on the bottom of the flash unit. Simply place the flash on the camera hotshoe, or on the hotshoe of your preferred wireless triggering system.

Pro-Flash Radio Triggering System: The Pro-Flash TLi-C features a built-in Wireless Control Port, allowing the user to wirelessly adjust the power level of the flash and fire the flash with the STR249 (Transmitter and Receiver for Pro-Flash TLi-C/TLi-N).

2.5mm Sync Port: The Sync Cord Jack is a 2.5mm plug. Insert a trigger plug here and the flash will be fired synchronously with the camera shutter.

Power Supply
Power Source: The Pro-Flash TLi-C does not use conventional AA batteries, but instead incorporates an 11.1V/200mAh Li-Ion battery pack. The battery pack is exchangeable, making it easy to switch out batteries if needed. Recharge time is roughly three hours.

Recycle Time: Being a Li-Ion battery, the Pro-Flash TLi-C recycles much faster than speedlights using conventional AA batteries. At full power, the TLi-C can recycle in less than 1.5 seconds!

Full Power Flashes: Li-Ion batteries also allow for longer life compared to traditional AA batteries. On a single charge, the Pro-Flash TLi-C can produce 650 full-power flashes.

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Product Specification

Compatibility Canon
Coverage 24 to 105mm (14mm with wide angle panel)
Included Accessories Li-Ion Battery Pack, Battery Charger, Mini-Stand, Nylon Protective Case, Instruction Manual
Maximum Guide Number 58
Power Source Lithium ion battery pack
Size (mm) 64 x 76 x 190
Weight (g) 540
Manufacturer Link Interfit
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