Kenko 37mm Real Pro MC UV Filter
Product Code: 1643710

Kenko 37mm Real Pro MC UV Filter

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The Kenko 37mm Real Pro MC UV Filter is a two-purpose filter. Its principal function is to cut out UV light, which is the main cause of hazy photos on sunny days, however it also serves as a front-mounted lens protector that may just save your lens' front element from serious damage. Kenko's Anti-Reflection Multi Coating provides superior light transmission to prevent flare and ghosting.

Product Highlights

The filter that stays clear
One important feature of the REALPRO series is its Anti-Stain Coating (ASC), which represents a new generation of Kenko coating technology. Thanks to a new formula of coating material, the surface of the REALPRO filter will cause moisture and water droplets to bead up and slip away, leaving the filter clean. You will therefore not need to clean the filter very often, making maintenance easier and safer. Due to the smooth filter surface, dust and smudges do not stick to the glass and can be wiped away smoothly and easily. This is a great feature for photographers who often find themselves shooting outdoors in rough weather conditions.

A clear and sharp image
Kenko's Anti-Reflection Multi Coating technology provides maximum light transmission and protection from flares and ghosting.

Key Features:

  • Slim frame: Use with any lens, with no loss of light. The REALPRO Protector uses an ultra-thin frame to avoid vignetting effects on wide and super-wide angle lenses
  • Knurling edge frame: The frame of the REALPRO Protector is equipped with a knurling surface to prevent slipping, making attachment and removal easy and stress-free
  • Black almite frame: To reduce unwanted reflections, the REALPRO Protector adopts a black aluminium satin-finish almite frame. The satin finish increases friction between fingers and frame for quick operation, while the satin black minimises internal reflections
  • Black-rimmed glass: To reduce the internal light reflections off the edge of the filter glass, Kenko uses black-rimmed glass. This involves treating the outer rim of the filter glass plate with a specific black ink to prevent any leaking of light
  • UV protected case: Every REALPRO filter comes with durable, re-usable plastic case with UV-Cut protection, lengthening the life of the filter by shielding it from UV rays
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Product Specification

Effect / Type UV
Thread size (mm) 37
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Product Code: 1643710-wex Manufacturers Part Number: 2789